27 OCTOBER 2015

VBS has been in operation for 15 weeks and we are happy with the implementation process so far. However, with volumes about to pick up, we would like to clarify some rules that we will be strictly enforcing from Monday 9th November. These rules will be fixed in our system and can’t be bypassed, this is to ensure we can achieve what we set out to with VBS — match truck arrivals with terminal capacity and reduce the potential for congestion during the next peak export season.

We understand transport operators are not always getting timely information from shippers. As a result, we will allow confirmed bookings to be edited and manifested right through the current time zone until 1 minute before the next time zone starts. However, from Monday 9th November 2015, you will not be able to cancel confirmed bookings during the time zone. Once the time zone commences failure to use the booking will generate a no show and the $100 penalty fee will be incurred.

If you need clarification around the rules, they are available on our website. if you have any questions please contact Andrew Donnelly 06 833 4570.


Gareth Jones

Container Terminal Manager