Customer Advisory: VBS Update

11 AUGUST 2015

Napier Port’s vehicle booking system (VBS) was successfully introduced 6 July following close collaboration with transport operators.

Some of the benefits of VBS are already apparent with gatehouse staff consistently processing trucks’ pre-advised containers at the gate in around 30 seconds, compared with around four minutes before intercoms and VBS were introduced.

We expect the benefits of VBS to become increasingly obvious during the peak export season — particularly when we are faced with extreme seasonal demand (like early 2014) and as container volumes continue to rise. These benefits include reducing truck turnaround times during the peak (facilitating efficient ship turnaround times) allowing us to match terminal capacity with demand, and potential cost savings for transport operators through efficiency gains and the ability to plan their deliveries more accurately (truck waiting times and better use of fleets for example).

We took a staged approach to introducing service and penalty fees. Service fees of $7.50 + GST per booking were introduced on 13 July, direct to transport operators. Penalty fees were then introduced on 20 July for transport operators who fail to confirm their bookings, don’t make a booking or are well outside their booking slot.

The breakdown of fees and further information about VBS is available on our website: /cargo-info/container-terminal/vehicle-booking-system/ 

If you have any questions, please email or call him on 06 833 4437.