Countdown to VGM - 30 days to go


The introduction of verified gross mass (VGM) requirements is fast approaching.

From 1 July 2016, shippers will be required to pre-advise the verified gross mass weight of every container exported through Napier Port. We strongly recommend that you have this practice in place by 15 June 2016 to ensure that your exports are not held up due to missing information.

Exporters must electronically pre-advise their export containers with VGM information via the online Community Access Portal or business-to-business EDI. Most exporters are currently using these methods - if you are not, please contact

From 15 June 2016, the Community Access Portal will be updated with 'VGM Weight' and 'VGM Verifier' fields to reflect the additional VGM information required. From this time, export containers without the pre-advised VGM information may not be accepted into Napier Port.

For details related to the VGM weight and VGM verifier, please refer to the information on the Maritime New Zealand website, specifically sections 3 and 22.

For any further questions, contact