Smooth transition to VGM regulations

Verified gross mass (VGM) regulations are now in play, with all exporters required to provide a VGM weight for their export containers. Napier Port would like to extend our thanks to all our exporters for your proactive approach to registering for the Community Access Portal, making the transition to the new system a smooth and simple one. 

We'd like to share a few of the more commonly asked questions around the implementation of VGM requirements at Napier Port. If you have further questions, please don't hesitate to contact our team at

What happens if a container arrives without a VGM?
If a container arrives at Napier Port without an electronically pre-advised VGM weight, or with a weight that is recognised as invalid, the truck carrying the container will be turned away. The exceptions to this rule are:

  1. If we've missed you from previous communications around VGM, and your container has a VGM-compliant carter's note. In this case, the container will be processed manually, free of charge, and you will be registered for the Napier PortCommunity Access Portal going forward. 
  2. If you are unable to electronically pre-advise the VGM of your container due to an IT outage, but notify Napier Port by calling (06) 833 4396. If your driver has a VGM-compliant carter's note, your containers will be processed manually at the gate for a fee of $100.00.

What if the container is overweight?
Overweight containers present a very real safety risk for our people. If a container exceeds the maximum safe weight or is found to be over its VGM weight by more than 4000kg, we will activate the overweight container process to ensure that it is handled safely. This incurs a fee of $495.00 per container.  

Can I update VGM information after the container arrives at Napier Port? 
Yes, though we strongly recommend that weights are finalised before containers arrive at Napier Port. Any changes to VGM weights will be processed once we have received all necessary information, and incur a processing fee of $50.00. 

What do I do if the public weighbridge is out of operation? 
Napier Port offers a weighbridge service that can be accessed for a fee of $25.00. Simply pick up a Dallas tag from Port Security at the Eastern Gate, head to the weighbridge, and follow the instructions on the touchscreen. Should you have any queries about using the weighbridge, contact or (06) 833 4486. 

As the provision of VGM weight information is the responsibility of the exporter, any charges indicated above are on the exporter's account.