INCIDENT UPDATE: chemical leak resolved, four containers decontaminated

3:00pm, 17 December 2016

A chemical leak at Napier Port has been contained and the Fire Service has advised that there is no further risk.

A white substance found on the exterior of four containers unloaded from a ship this morning was confirmed to be a small quantity of sodium hydroxide, a corrosive and potentially flammable chemical.

The four affected containers have been isolated and decontaminated, while a fifth container – identified as being the source of the leak – has been made safe. The source container remains inside an exclusion zone at the port, but there is no ongoing risk. 

The decontamination was undertaken within a bunded area away from the harbour, and did not present any risk to marine life.

There was no risk to personnel or the public, and Napier Port operations continue as normal outside the exclusion zone. 


For media enquiries:

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