Extended import Demurrage Relief 

As the situation at CentrePort becomes clearer, indications are that the majority of Wellington and Palmerston North imports will continue to be routed via Napier for the foreseeable future.

Napier Port offered import demurrage assistance immediately after the earthquake – extending the free period from day of discharge +3 days to day of discharge +8 days.

Napier Port wishes to offer further assistance to all impacted parties over this challenging time. Effective immediately, we are extending our current free time period from day of discharge +8 days to day of discharge +13 days for Wellington and Palmerston North destined imports.

As road and rail operators continue working hard to rejig their service offering to customers, Napier Port also continues to increase its capacity to meet the increasing demand.

Statutory holidays, Saturdays (up until 31st December) and Sundays are also free days. Effective from Saturday 7th January, we will be re-opening our container terminal gate.

This offer is for all Wellington and Palmerston North destined import volumes.

Napier Port hopes this goes some way in offering assistance to the import community over this difficult time.

If you have any further questions, please contact Commercial Manager, Andrew Locke, on (06) 833 4437 or andrewl@napierport.co.nz or Business Development Manager, Steve Young, on (06) 833 4495 or SteveY@napierport.co.nz