Incident Update: Chemical leak at Napier Port 

The Fire Service’s Hazardous Substance Unit has put a 100m exclusion zone around a shipping container that contains a leaking drum of methyl ethyl ketone, a flammable chemical that is used as a solvent.

The Fire Service was notified of the leak this morning and have overseen the opening of the shipping container in the last few hours, allowing fumes from the leaking drum to dissipate.

The Fire Service is working to remove the undamaged drums from the container and wash them down. They will then be taken to a hazardous goods storage facility.

Then the damaged drum will be removed.

The container is well away from the water’s edge and Regional Council has assessed that there is no risk to the marine environment.

No evacuation of staff has been required. While Breakwater Road was briefly closed, it is currently open.

No ships, including the cruise vessel Emerald Princess and her passengers, are affected by the leak.

Truck drivers are working with alternative routes around the exclusion zone. We thank our customers for their understanding.  

The incident is well under control but may take several hours to resolve. Napier Port will continue to update as the clean-up progresses.