Frequently Asked Questions


Following the recent changes to the import collection process at Napier Port, our team have received a number of enquiries to clarify the process.  For your information, the answers to the frequently asked questions, about the processes for individual container collections and for ‘stack run’ collections, are detailed below.


Individual Import Container Collections

How do I collect a specific import container from Napier Port?

1. Between the hours of 1500 and 1900 on the day prior to collection you must ’pre-book’ the specific container number to be collected by ‘pre-booking’ it into the VBS Zone 22;
2. On the day of collection you must book a VBS time slot to collect the ‘pre-booked’ container.
Note: Only containers ‘pre-booked’ in Zone 22 the day prior are available for collection


Can I ‘pre-book’ a container that is still on the vessel?

Only containers already located in the yard can be ‘pre-booked’ for collection - containers still on the vessel cannot be ‘pre-booked’.

What happens if we have ‘pre-booked’ a container but do not pick it up? 

The ‘pre-booked’ container will remain available to be collected – you simply need to book a VBS time slot to collect it.

Note: There is a limit on the total number of containers that can be ‘pre-booked’ for collection, so any uncollected containers will reduce the number of new containers that can be ‘pre-booked’ for the following day. 

For example: If 5 containers are left uncollected, then 5 less containers can be ‘pre-booked’ for the following day.

If there appears to be a trend of specific transport operators leaving a growing number of ‘pre-booked’ containers uncollected, we will contact the specific operator/s directly.


'Stack-Run' Container Collections

Do I need to ‘pre-book’ a ‘stack run’ collection in Zone 22 the day prior?

No, if you are simply collecting any container from a previously arranged ‘stack run’ you do not need to ‘pre-book’ the container in Zone 22 the day prior.

How do I book a 'stack-run' collection?

Stack run collections are available by prior-arrangement only and should be arranged as follows:

  1.  AT LEAST 24 hours before the Vessel ETA, you must email with the container numbers for the stack. NOTE: A stack must consist of NO LESS THAN 6 of the same type of container (eg: 20’ or 40’ etc.)

  2. Napier Port will create the stack and provide you a report with the sequence in which the containers need to be collected from the stack;

  3. You must book VBS time slots for collection of the containers in the order of the sequence advised. NOTE: You do not need to ‘pre-book’ these container numbers in Zone 22.


General Questions on Import Collection Process

Will the free days on the port be extended as result of these changes?

No, the free days will not be extended – they remain as DOD + 3.

Can we still swap Drop Off bookings for Pick Up bookings?

The decision whether a booking can be swapped will be at the discretion of the Napier Port VBS Planner at the time the request is received, as a swap may not always be able to be supported.


We thank the transport industry for your support in making a smooth transition to the new process.  If you have any questions or feedback, please contact Napier Port Operations Improvement Manager Stacy Bower on