The peak export season is fast approaching and the Napier Port team is working to ensure every aspect of our operation flows smoothly.

After careful analysis of traffic flows within the port, we have identified a number of layout changes that will better suit the differing requirements of trucks visiting Napier Port.

From Monday 27th of February, Gatehouse staff will be directing inbound trucks into a lane and corresponding truck bay specific to their purpose. Loading Zone 3 will be replaced by a new loading zone on 4 Wharf, which offers an additional truck bay and safer queueing.

Inbound Lanes To LZ1

Inbound Lanes To 4 Wharf

Trucks exiting the port from the 4 Wharf loading zone must do so via the Eastern security gate instead of the main container terminal gate.

Truck lanes and bays will be clearly marked to guide drivers. If a truck is parked in the incorrect bay, they will be directed to the back of the correct queue. See the full traffic map here.

We believe these changes will give a better overall outcome for trucks using Napier Port. If you have any questions or feedback, please contact Napier Port Operations Improvements Manager Stacy Bower on

Thank you for your support in preparing for a successful season.