Dangerous Goods Container Labelling


Safety is Napier Port’s number one priority; we strive to keep our community safe while meeting our customers’ expectations.  Following the Kaikoura earthquake the Port has seen a 20-25% increase in container volume, much of which comes from businesses new to Napier Port.  A small proportion of containers carry dangerous goods, and recently the team has noticed a number of dangerous goods containers (mostly imports) arriving on port without the appropriate dangerous goods placards.
 Fortunately, we have had no safety incidents as a result of mislabelling to date. However, improperly labelled containers carrying dangerous goods place staff and the wider community at unnecessary risk.
 Given safety is paramount, Napier Port wishes to take this opportunity to remind our customers, old and new, that all containers carrying dangerous goods must be labelled at the origin with the appropriate placard, in accordance with international and national rules.
In instances where Napier Port staff are made aware of or detect dangerous goods containers arriving on port without the proper placards, the following process will ensue:

Napier Port accepts no liability associated with improper labelling of dangerous goods containers and reserves the right to refuse acceptance of improperly labelled dangerous goods containers.  All dangerous goods must comply with Napier Port’s Transit Depot requirements.
 More information on dangerous goods transport can be found online in the Ministry of Transport's guide Transporting Dangerous Goods Safely - An Industry Guide.
Thank you for your support.