Keeping safe on port


Napier Port, and all port users and visitors, are obligated to comply with the Health & Safety at Work Act 2015 and the Maritime Security and Regulations of 2004. At the meeting, we are keen to discuss some recent incidents and help you comply with the requirements.
The main channel for ensuring port users and visitors can comply is by being Health & Safety inducted. H&S induction sessions are held three times a week, on Mondays at 9am, Tuesdays at 1.15pm and on Thursdays at 9am.
However, we understand that on some occasions, access is needed on short notice. The easiest way to ensure you and your visitors still comply is for you to train to be induction trainers yourselves. Completing a Train the Trainer course takes up to three hours and a course is coming up on February 24th.
The benefits of being a trainer are:

If a visitor isn’t able to be inducted in time, an inducted person from the organisation that has invited them onto port is required to escort them at all times while on-site.
If you are escorting visitors, please make them aware:

Napier Port is continually improving the H&S induction process so it is user-friendly. We are currently going through a review of Port Access and H&S Induction Training and shortly we will be denying access to people who are not inducted or do not carry the correct valid identification.
As part of the review, we are looking at the H&S induction process, including possibilities around online training, to make it easier to complete the H&S induction at a convenient time and place.