Berth Windows


Fixed window arrangements are in place for the following scheduled container shipping services.

MSC 2000 Sun  0700 Mon
CMA CGM/Marfret Panama  0830 Mon  2100 Mon 
HamburgSud/Maersk/MSC Trident/OC1 0600 Tues  0500 Wed
ANZL/Jap Conf - COSCO/HSD/MOL/NYK 0600 Wed 0500 Thur
NZ1/Northern Star/Maersk 0600 Fri 0001 Sat
ANZAC - ANL/APL/COS/OOCL/PIL 0100 Sat  1230 Sat 
NZX - ANL/APL/CGM/COS/OOCL/PIL 1330 Sat  1300 Sun 


A two hour period of grace will be granted from the agreed arrival At Pilot Station time. For example, At Pilot Station Time 0600, will mean arrival up to and including 0800 will be accepted.

Pilot on Board time remains at Napier Port discretion. 

The Port reserves its right to alter any part of these arrangements at any time and at its sole discretion (Due to Cargo Completion, weather, tidal conditions and any other reason.

Departed Berth time excludes any potential one hour period of grace (used only if required)