Account Application Form (PDF)
Standard Conditions of Service 
Port Regulations
Bank Account Details 



110 metres

Included in the vessel “Marine Service Charge” is pilotage, towage, berth charges, port dues, lines, one toll barred telephone and all labour related to these functions.

The “At Berth” time commences from first line ashore on berthing to last line released at sailing; a 60-minute period of grace applies before any day thereafter charge applies.  After the period of grace there will be no further exemptions.  A $1,500 penalty charge will apply if,

  • a vessel does not arrive as per the scheduled ETA and after waiting 30 minutes. If a vessel does not depart as per the scheduled ETD and after waiting 30 minutes.

  • a shift of ship order has been made and the vessel is unable to undertake that shift at the allocated time and after waiting 30 minutes.

All stevedoring delays incurred due to a vessel's delayed arrival or shift will be on-charged to the Agent/Principal.

Where an Agent/Principal incurs a cancelled call charge, Napier Port reserves the right to not accept future orders from that Agent/Principal if that account remains outstanding.

110 metres & under 130 metres
130 metres & under 150 metres
150 metres & under 170 metres
170 metres & under 190 metres
190 metres & under 210 metres
210 metres & under 230 metres
230 metres & under 250 metres
250 metres & under 270 metres
Over 270 metres 

Statutory Holiday Charges - Marine Services (PDF)
Cruise Vessel Charges (PDF)
Fishing Vessel & Pleasure Craft (PDF)
Hawke's Bay Regional Council Harbour By-Laws (PDF)

VESSEL & FACILITIES SECURITY FEE ISPS Code, Security Level One (excluding container vessels). Vessel security in berthage fee. $215.00
BERTH UTILISATION Charges for laying up will be at 50% of the rate each day thereafter for a maximum of 14 days, thereafter penalties will apply. After 14 days, Full day thereafter charges to apply, after 21 days double the Full day thereafter rate is to apply.  
NON-PRODUCTIVE USE OF BERTH Non-productive use of a berth will be charged on a hourly basis at three times the day
thereafter rate pro rate hourly basis.  This will apply where a vessel chooses not to work
all available shifts. 
VESSEL MOVEMENTS Shift at Owners Request and/or for Bunkers $4,950.00 per movement


ADDITIONAL SERVICES Water $3.50 per 1,000 litres  
Daily garbage disposal
MT Pallets to Burn Heap
- if Napier Port forklift is used
$98.00 per drum
$2.50 each
$3.50 each

Cruise ships Maximum allowable
weight not to exceed 500kg; for
volumes in excess of 500kg, POA.

$1.80 per kilogram  
Engine room waste $98.00 per drum To be kept separate. Special
drums available on request.
Additional telephone $25.00 per day Above allowance of one.
Separate tug and pilot boat hire     
  • Tug - crew included 
$3,628.00 / movement/hr     
  • Pilot boat - crew included 
$1,817.00 /movement/hr  
  • Pilot 
$1,211.00 /movement/hr    
Security fencing  $1.91 per metre per day  230 metres of portable
fence available, includes
labour to erect & dismantle fencing & vehicle hire. 
Gangway Hire (1st day) 
Per day thereafter 
$100.00 per day 
Crane hire for mooring staff for departing log vessels   $350.00 per vessel  Where deck cargo restricts access to lines. 
Log recovery requiring use of
Pilot Boat "per event"


GOODS WHARFAGE      Full Containers - General  $83.37 perTEU     
Full Containers - Refrigerated  $100.12 per TEU     
Empty Containers, Bins, Bolsters  $18.94 per TEU       
Flatracks (Single or Nest)  $50.06 per TEU        
Restows / DLR's / Tranships  $50.06 per TEU each way   
Full Dry Container – FEU $50.00 per movement  
Full Reefer Container – TEU  $50.00 per movement   
Full Reefer Container – FEU  $69.50 per movement   
Empty Container - TEU $17.00 per movement  
Empty Container - FEU   $24.75 per movement  
Change of Destination Fee (C.O.D.)   $151.00 per box  Applies to change of port and/or vessel. (where a container has to be re-positioned after a C.O.D. request – charge to be levied to the party requesting the movement i.e. the shipping line). 

Hazardous Goods Handling Charge


For the 1st container, thereafter by negotiation


$2.50 per cubic metre

MARSHALLING Stack to Ship’s Side $26.26 per TEU   
Stack to Ship’s Side $39.00 per FEU   
Timber $2.75 per cubic metre  

Statutory Holidays Charges - Container Handling (PDF)

Full Export Storage:

Free Time = Day of Deposit 
+ two (2) days 

No charge 
Days 4 – 7 $5.00 per TEU per day   
Thereafter day 8 onwards $30.00 per TEU per day  
Full Import Storage –
General / Refrigerated
$80.00 per TEU per day

Free Time = Day of Discharge + three (3) days – excluding Sunday and Public Holidays.

Sunday and Public Holidays will not be excluded if in future receiving and delivery services are offered – 7 days/week, 365 days/ year.

Import storage will be collected as per consignee via import manifest – No Exceptions. 

Empty import and empty export containers $1.40 per TEU per day

No free days.

REEFER FACILITY FEE All Refrigerated Containers $36.50 /container per day Note: Some shipping lines only absorb a fixed number of days before the Port will charge the exporter/importer directly for power and monitoring. Please check with your shipping line. 
Reefer Monitoring $7.50 per monitor per container  
DLR Power first 12 hours 50% of daily rate  
Seasonal Power Surcharge $5.00 per day per container  
DEPOT INFRASTRUCTURE SURCHARGE   $20.00 per container gated in.  
TRANSPORT To or from Napier Port to Thames Street Depot $25.00 per TEU each way
$48.50 per FEU each way

(Vehicle Booking System)


Standard Booking Fee


Penalty Fees    

Non-confirmation fee

Manual booking fee

No-show/late fee

$18.25 + GST per booking


$100.00 + GST per container

$75.00 + GST per container

$100.00 + GST per container

Every booking made and not released by 7pm the day prior (includes $8.25 insurance levy)


Failure to confirm booking by entering the container number 20 minutes before the start of the booking time. The booking will be lost and a fee will apply.

Transport operator turns up without a valid booking. Terminal will decide whether container will be processed or turned away. If the container is processed, a fee will apply.

Booking has been confirmed but the transport operator did not turn up or was more than 20 minutes late.

(Verified Gross Mass)

Manual entry

Manual update

Weigh 20' Container

               Weigh 40' Container

$100.00 + GST
$50.00 + GST

         $57.50 + GST per weigh

$58.50 +     GST per weigh

Entry by Gatehouse staff
Manual VGM update after a container has been received.
Use of Napier Port weighbridge to weigh containers


After received into terminal


After received into terminal


An overweight charge will be levied against the container and recovered directly from the exporter (not the packing location).  This charge recovers additional lifts, use of the weighbridge and extensive administrative time.



FULL CONTAINER SECURITY FEE   $5.00 per container

Includes allocation of vessel & facilities security fee for container vessels, ISPS Code, Security Level One.

REMOVAL OF DUNNAGE & DUMP FEES   For import containers returned to Depot:
$150.00 per container, a/c consignee.

If container returned unclean with dunnage.

If the contamination requires special disposal, additional charges will be levied at additional cost.




$6.05 per TEU

$0.47 per tonne


MPI Compliance (PDF)

Customs Compliance (PDF)




Vehicles are split into three categories:    
  • Vehicles already cleared
  • Vehicles cleared but parked within 3 metres of an un-cleared vehicle on the vessel
  • Un-cleared vehicles
Charges applied as follows:    
   a) Pre cleared cars No charge  
   b) Re-inspection
       Ramp only & cleared charge
$9.50 per vehicle   
   c) If a vehicle needs cleaning, it
       will move from ramp

$25.00 per vehicle; this rate includes the initial inspection.

Cars are driven to an inspection pit for MPI inspection and clearance. 

  • to 4 Shed (to await a wash bay);
  • then to the wash bay;
  • back to 4 Shed (for re-inspection)
  • and to 2 Wharf for delivery. 

d) Vehicles that have to be opened 
    for inspection. All doors, boot 
    and bonnet opened, spare tyre 
    taken out and hubcaps removed. 
    MPI inspect and moving parts 
    are closed and returned to 
    original condition.

$15.00 per vehicle then (b) or (c) above as applicable.

OTHER CHARGES Jump Starts  $15.00 per start   
Petrol Required

Minimum charge $15.00 per vehicle

Ramp Charge $80.00 per vehicle  
Storage Charges 

Day of discharge plus 3 days free. Thereafter $50.00 per day per car excluding public holidays & Sundays. 

CLEANING CHARGES TREATMENT CODE Half Vacuum  Wiper and / or boot recess  $29.50 
Full Vacuum

Interior vacuum + wiper or boot recess

Half Steam Clean Wheel arches, no ramps $46.50
Full Steam Clean On ramps, underside clean

$80.00 + ramp charges as above



Charged on an hourly time taken basis, as each is different and guided by MPI instructions.



Container Devanning (unpacking) 


Includes R & D of vehicle as detailed in (c) and all other documentation – does not include cleaning charges.  All devanned vehicles are delivered from Port Pack. 

If an empty container is required to be returned to a depot outside the Port, additional lift and transport charges will apply. 

All charges must be paid by cheque prior to car being released.  No cash or credit cards accepted. 

These charges are additional to charges by MPI Inspection Fees. 

$200.00 per vehicle (includes
$150.00 for car devan and 
$50.00 MPI inspection). 


Includes all MPI requirements 

$265.00 per vehicle 


LABOUR RATES Cargo Section for ALL
work periods 
$55.35 per person per hour   
Mechanic, Fitter or Welder,  $61.76 per person per hour   
Electrician, Carpenter $61.76 per person per hour   
Security Labour  $55.35 per person per hour  
Statutory Holidays Labour Surcharge
(Eight (8) hours minimum charge) 
$74.25 per person per hour   
PLANNING CHARGES Vessel Planning  $1,995.00 per vessel   
Yard Planning  $1,087.00 per vessel   
EQUIPMENT HIRE (EXCLUDES LABOUR) Cargo Trailer – 70 tonne $100.00 per hour  
Terminal “Tonka” $79.50 per hour  
Forklift Up to 4.5 tonne $52.50 per hour  
Forklift From 5 to 9 tonne $66.50 per hour  
Forklift From 10 to 16 tonne
(Excludes Empty Container Stackers)
$85.50 per hour  
Forklift 36 tonne rated + 
$393.00 per hour
$474.00 per hour



Minimum crane hire

Movement of over
dimensional cargo
requiring chains/slings

$2,900.00 up to 2 hrs initial hireage,
$1,400.00 per hour or
part thereof.

$650.00 per 15 minute
period or part thereof

Rates exclude hirage of
specialised lifting slings or stevedoring delays.

WEIGHBRIDGE Per truck weigh
Cancelled or quit by driver 
Casual weighs

Replacement Tags
Container weigh by forklift after receival 
$8.50 per weigh
$6.00 per weigh 
$20.00 per docket 

$25.00 per tag
$7.50 plus all lift charges

(Using Port Security
Dallas Tag) 


WHARFAGE All goods unless specified

Motor vehicles being: 

cars, trucks, vans, utes, 
motorcycles and excavators 
& trailers
$5.81 per revenue tonne

$37.50 per unit up to 30m3
$61.00 per unit 31 to 50m3
$123.00 per unit 51 to 70m3
$185.00 per unit 71m3 and over 
HEADER CHARGE Large Head Animals
(Cattle & Horses)

Small Head Animals
(Sheep, Colts, Pigs, Goats and Dogs)
$5.49 per head

$0.94 per head
Headage charges include:
wharfage, wharf cleaning,
race construction, mobile
office hire and all labour
related to these functions. 
Not included are forklift and
labour hire for forklift
operation and also
weighbridge usage.


Timber/Other not specified

 10.00 per lift 

$30.00 per Vehicle  

$2.50 per cubic metre

BREAKBULK UNDERCOVER STORAGE  If available  $1.50 per pallet space per day  
LOG CHARGES Storage on wharf for first 4 weeks, thereafter:

for 5th week

for 6th week

for 7th week

For 8th week (and every
week thereafter)

Rail surcharge if cargo
handled using log rack
delivery from rail head to scaling.

Storage charge for logs
from an off wharf location
and on wharf for less than
seven (7) days i.e. total
charge of $5.10 per JASCBM

Hard Stand Levy

Fumigation Levy

Development Levy
$7.69 per JASCBM

$1.00 per JASCBM

$1.70 per JASCBM

$2.40 per JASCBM

$3.10 per JASCBM

$4.00 per JASCBM

$0.70 per JASCBM

$0.50 per JASCBM

$1.00 per JASCBM

Includes wharfage, storage
and bark clean up.

No storage charge will be levied if
the cargo is transferred
 from an off wharf location ex truck
location under the hook
i.e. total charge of $4.40 per JASCBM.

Napier Port reserves the right from time to time, to instigate a levy for
development works associated
with thelog trade.  Terms and
value of such levies will be advised
with a three month notice period.


FERTILISER Fertiliser Hopper Hire $0.55 per tonne manifested  
  Fertiliser Wharf Cleaning $0.29 per tonne manifested Minimum charge $750.00 per vessel