Adam Harvey

Adam Harvey – General Manager Marine and Cargo

Adam Harvey has enjoyed great growth in his career at Napier Port, and is now our General Manager Marine and Cargo. As part of this role he is responsible for overseeing the Port’s marine services and bulk cargo customers, with relationship building and collaboration being a key part of this.

“My role came about following the merging of the marine services and bulk cargo teams. We have a number of third party contractors operating in the cargo space on Port, and my job is to nurture the relationships and the culture among them all. Ultimately, I have to make sure they work collaboratively and in harmony to ensure vessels are moved in and out of the port and cargo is exchanged in a safe and efficient manner.

Adam started in his career at Napier Port as an HR Advisor, and after 16 months was an Operations Supervisor managing a team of around 60 people. In 2014, he became the port’s Operations Manager, where he spent two years before taking on the role of Container Terminal Manager – the role he was in prior to his change last year.

“I love my job. It’s certainly a challenge but I get great satisfaction out of building relationships and nurturing collaboration between different parties, all with the ultimate vision of building a strong and positive culture.”

Adam has two tertiary qualifications, and brought some good career experience with him when he joined the port. He’s enjoyed a lot of training and development opportunities since becoming part of the team. But the most valuable course he’s been on was the 2014 Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport Leadership Programme, which “completely changed me as a person – my outlook on life as well as my outlook on work.”

Adam recognises that a significant part of his role is making sure his team deliver for Napier Port. He’s incredibly proud of the part he plays in helping Napier Port towards its goal of being the safest port in New Zealand.

“It’s a privilege to work here and be part of an environment that supports and promotes personal development. In the nine years I have been here I feel like I have learnt and achieved so much. The culture is an important part of what makes Napier Port great and I take pride in playing role in improving that culture in the areas of the business I am involved in.”

Being a part of Napier Port is about being part of a team, and contributing to the success of the business. It’s possible to do that by bringing great skills to your role, progressing within the business, and gaining new skills and experience that can take you further in your career.

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