Dylan Turnbull

Dylan Turnbull – Port Pack Manager

Dylan Turnbull started his career at Napier Port in 2014 as a Logistics Planner, before successfully applying to become Port Pack Manager in 2017.  Like many of the roles within Napier Port, the title can be a bit of a mystery in itself. So we asked Dylan to explain what he does, and why it’s important to our business.

“I’m the Port Pack Manager, so essentially my role is managing Port Pack. Port Pack is Napier Port’s container packing and devanning operation – it’s where you come if you need to load your product from transport into a container.

I manage an awesome team of about 30 people over two shifts, making sure we’re there with whatever the customer needs. That means getting people in the right places so we can get things packed, and ensuring that the containers are managed correctly and set up to go where they need to go.”

With a background at New Zealand Post, Dylan is well trained in the art of getting things from A to B. He also brings some great people management skills to his role and is well-placed to work across different departments to make sure his team gets it right first time and does the job well.

“One of the things I love about working at Napier Port is the focus on health and safety. The senior management team work us hard, but we’re well-rewarded, and everything we do is done with a focus on safety. That’s possible because the people in charge of the business understand what’s involved in getting the job done well.”

Even though Dylan loves his job, he’s still developing his skills for future opportunities. And he’s pleased to be doing so with the full support of Napier Port.

“I started a post-grad business diploma before I joined Napier Port, and they’ve supported me with time off for classes as well as assistance with the cost of papers. The team here recognise that the knowledge I’m gaining through my studies can be used to support the work I do at Napier Port.”

Being a part of Napier Port is about being part of a team, and contributing to the success of the business. It’s possible to do that by bringing great skills to your role, progressing within the business, and gaining new skills and experience that can take you further in your career.

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