Wayne Larsen

Wayne Larsen – Marine Operations Manager

Wayne Larsen brings a huge amount of experience to his role as Marine Operations Manager at Napier Port.

“I’ve worked in the maritime industry since beginning my career. I started with the Otago Harbour Board in the early 70s as a Marine Fitter and Turner, involved in the building of 30 ASD tugs. From there I went to sea as a Junior Engineer and spent about seven years completing marine qualifications. I then came ashore and worked as Shoreside Engineering Manager (and later Fleet and Crew Manager) for one of the largest New Zealand-owned deepwater fishing fleets for around 18 years.”

Wayne’s next role was Project Marine Engineer; he worked for various companies and did some relieving on tugs. He went back to Port Otago (formerly Otago Harbour Board) as a Relief Engineer, became their representative on a new tug build, and then became Plant Services and Marine Engineering Manager.

With such a wealth of experience and knowledge, the nature of Wayne’s position at Napier Port has evolved to make the most of his valuable input into the business.

“I joined Napier Port in 2011 as a Relief Engineer on a short-term contract. In 2013 it became a permanent role as the Marine Supervisor – still actively involved as a Marine Engineer on tugs, but with a focus on management from a shoreside perspective. I took on my current role as Marine Operations Manager in early 2017.”

In his current role, Wayne puts focus on sharing his expertise with his team and helping them to grow and progress in their careers with Napier Port. He’s a strong believer in cultivating talent from within the business – which fits well with the port’s focus on people and culture.

“I like to employ from the bottom up. I bring guys through and put them through qualifications and training so they have a career path within Napier Port. It’s about having people in positions where they are ready to step up when the opportunity comes along. When we find people who fit with our culture, we invest in them.

We (in the Marine department) at Napier Port are extremely fortunate in the level of professionalism in the whole team. Everyone takes their job seriously and health and safety is a key focus. In some ways my team are mentoring each other – there’s a culture of learning from each other and we’re really proud of that.”

Being a part of Napier Port is about being part of a team, and contributing to the success of the business. It’s possible to do that by bringing great skills to your role, progressing within the business, and gaining new skills and experience that can take you further in your career.

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