Living near the port

Thinking about our neighbours

We know that keeping our noise levels at a minimum is important to the community that we are part of. That’s why we proactively work to minimise the noise we make.

Napier Port has installed a sound monitoring device to ensure that we achieve the lower noise levels we’re committed to maintaining.

Napier Port is also focused on looking for new and better ways to keep our noise levels at a minimum. We’re keeping our eyes and ears open for quieter ways to work.

Here are a few of the successful initiatives we’ve implemented so far:

  • Positioning container stacks on the port boundary to buffer noise
  • Relocating buildings and container transfer operations away from the residential properties
  • Installing heavier duty mufflers on tugs
  • Investing in engine modifications for container handling equipment
  • Installing new software on cranes to slow the lowering of containers close to the ground to reduce landing noise
  • Restricting vehicle speeds
  • Laying smooth paving to make vehicle movements quieter
  • Having ship horns blasted only for safety reasons or emergencies

Port Noise Management Plan

Port Noise Management Plan

Because operating a successful port can be a noisy business, Napier Port has proactively introduced a noise mitigation package for our neighbours.

If your home has been identified in the Port Noise Management Plan as experiencing noise in excess of 60-65 dBA – 5 day Ldn as a result of Napier Port’s operations, Napier Port will share in the cost of introducing noise reduction measures to your home. Our support is based on a 50/50 contribution towards your expenses, up to a total value per house of $50,000.

If you think that our noise is affecting your home, we encourage you to get in touch.

Drop us a line

Sometimes there’s an issue and things don’t go as planned. That can mean there are problems with noise or dust levels that can affect our neighbours.

If you’ve experienced an issue, we’d like to hear about it. Talk to our team and let us know how we can improve.

Find out more about the process for raising a noise-related issue with Napier Port.