Container Fumigation Relocating Off-Port

Napier Port have restarted work on our new 6 Wharf, Hawke’s Bay’s biggest wharf, after construction was halted due to the Alert Level 4 lockdown. Set for completion in 2022, 6 Wharf is a significant project that will allow us to support continued growth for our region and our customers. The new wharf will help to reduce congestion, extend our container vessel capacity and boost our operational agility and resilience. As the project progresses, the construction zone is expanding and set to impact our land allocation at the port. A planned consequence of this impact is the need to relocate our current container fumigation processes off-Port until further notice.

Container fumigation relocation to Pandora, effective from June 15 2020
From June 15, container fumigation processes will relocate to Genera’s own site at 18 Severn Street, Pandora.

Customers will still continue to book fumigation directly with Genera, as is the current practice. However, given the new location, starting from next month customers will need to make their own transport arrangements from Napier Port to Genera’s fumigation site. Genera are able to advise suitable transport operators upon request, with their contact details available below.

Please note, you are receiving this communication as your email address has been associated with a container fumigation at Napier Port within the last 12 months, or you are a customer of Port Pack who may require fumigation services for your cargo. Transport operators, shipping lines and freight forwarders have also been included as a reference to this process change.

Import procedural changes
From June 15, please ensure the fumigation site is listed as Genera’s site on the BACC. It is advisable to book fumigation with Genera at the earliest possible time in order to ensure quick turnaround of containers and avoid storage charges from the Shipping Line and/or Napier Port. Import containers will not return to Napier Port after fumigation, and will instead be uplifted for delivery directly from 18 Severn Street

Export procedural changes
Port Pack’s export fumigation process will remain the same as current practice, but with an added transport move off the wharf for fumigation and gated back in for the vessel once fumigation has been completed.

Please contact Port Pack directly should you require any further information regarding export units –, or alternatively contact Genera directly via the contact details below.

Genera contact details
18 Severn Street, Pandora
Tel: 0800 100 399

Genera Operations Manager:
Graeme Ford – 021 1946 367

Thank you for your understanding. If you have any questions or queries, please contact the Napier Port Commercial Team via email here.

Napier Port Commercial Team