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Bank Account Details

Bank Account Details

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  • Credit references

  • We hereby apply to open an account with the PORT OF NAPIER LIMITED (PONL) to allow the charging of Port and associated services.

    We agree to supply to PONL all information it requires to complete the billing process including statistical data. We agree to PONL making such credit enquiries as it sees fit to satisfy itself that payment will be met on the agreed basis.

    We agree that if PONL agrees to open an account that any default in the payment terms will result in interest being charged to the account at such rates as PONL levy at the time which shall be 2% per month of the outstanding balance, charged monthly or at whatever period PONL see fit.

    We agree that PONL may refuse and/or delay this application and the delivery of goods or services if the information herein is incomplete in any way.

    We also agree to supply information to enable PONL to register a PPSA Security Interest in OUR present and after acquired Assets.

    Further to the above clause should the account fall into default the PONL will collect from US all costs incurred in recovery of the debt including but not limited to legal expenses, collection agency fees and court fees.

    We agree that the Standard Conditions of Service and Port Regulations of PONL as amended from time to time and available on our website shall apply to all dealings between us and PONL.
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY