Bulk cargo charges

Bulk cargo charges

Napier Port welcomes bulk cargo in many forms. Please find below our fees and charges for bulk cargo, effective 1 October 2023. These should be read in conjunction with Napier Port’s Standard Conditions of Service.

All goods unless specified: $7.85 per revenue tonne

Motor vehicles: 
$50.35 per vehicle up to 30m3
$81.30 per vehicle 31 to 50m3
$163.90 per vehicle 51 to 70m3
$244.90 per vehicle 71m3 and over

Motor vehicles include cars, trucks, vans, utes, motorcycles and excavators and trailers.

An Insurance Adjustment Factor (IAF) for bulk cargo is charged at $1.00 per revenue tonne/ kilolitre/ JAS/ M3.

An Infrastructure Levy for bulk cargo is charged at $0.70 per revenue tonne/ kilolitre/ JAS/ M3.

Site and environmental maintenance fee: Price on application. Clean-up, remediation and repair of site. Based on Napier Port time and attendance costs, and equipment charges, plus any third party costs.

Timber marshalling per cubic metre: Price on application

Pallets, vehicles and other cargo not specified: Price on application

Undercover storage: Price on application

Log storage and export at Napier Port is limited to exporters whom have an agreement with Napier Port.

Please contact commercialdepartment@napierport.co.nz for log export enquiries.

Fertiliser hopper hire: Price on application

Insurance Adjustment Factor (IAF) for bulk cargo: $1.00 per revenue tonne/JAS/kilolitre/M3

Bulk Cargo Infrastructure Levy: $0.70 per revenue tonne/JAS/kilolitre/M3