Bulk cargo charges

Bulk cargo charges

Napier Port welcomes bulk cargo in many forms. Please find below our fees and charges for bulk cargo, effective 1 October 2020. These should be read in conjunction with Napier Port’s standard conditions of service. 

All goods unless specified: $6.45 per revenue tonne

Motor vehicles: 
$41.45 per unit up to 30m3
$66.95 per unit 31 to 50m3
$134.95 per unit 51 to 70m3
$201.60 per unit 71m3 and over

Motor vehicles include cars, trucks, vans, utes, motorcycles and excavators and trailers.

An Insurance Adjustment Factor (IAF) for bulk cargo is charged at $0.65 per tonne.

Large head animals (cattle and horses): $6.20 per head

Small head animals (sheep, colts, pigs, goats and dogs): $1.55 per head

Header charges include wharfage, wharf cleaning, race construction, mobile office hire and all labour related to these functions. Forklift hire, labour hire and weighbridge use are not included.

Timber marshalling: $4.10 per cubic metre

Pallets, vehicles and other cargo not specified: Price on application

Undercover storage: Price on application


Week 1-3: $9.00 per JASCBM

Week 4: $1.15 per JASCBM

Week 5: $2.05 per JASCBM

Week 6: $2.85 per JASCBM

Week 7 onwards: $3.85 per JASCBM per week

Please note: All log storage charges are cumulative.


An Insurance Adjustment Factor (IAF) for logs is charged at $0.65 per JASCBM.

Fertiliser hopper hire: Price on application

Insurance Adjustment Factor (IAF) for bulk cargo: $0.65 per tonne/JASCBM