Containerised cargo charges

Containerised cargo charges

Please find a complete list of Napier Port’s containerised cargo charges, effective 1 October 2018. These should be read in conjunction with our standard conditions of service.

Full containers – general: $85.90 per TEU

Full containers – refrigerated: $103.10 per TEU

Empty containers, bins, bolsters: $19.51 per TEU

Flat racks (single or nest): $51.60 per TEU

Restows, DLR’s, tranships: $51.60 per TEU each way

Internal movement includes to and from the weighbridge.

Full dry TEU container: $45.00 per movement

Full dry FEU container: $51.50 per movement

Full reefer TEU container: $51.50 per movement

Full reefer FEU container: $71.50 per movement

Empty TEU container:  $17.50 per movement

Empty FEU container: $29.00 per movement

Change of destination fee: $250.00 per box

Applies to change of port and/or vessel. Where a container has to be repositioned after a C.O.D. request, the charge is to be levied to the party requesting the movement i.e. the shipping line.

Stack to ship’s side: $28.00 per TEU

Stack to ship’s side: $41.00 per FEU

The Port will use its best endeavours to offer stevedoring and marshalling services on statutory holidays (excluding Christmas Day) if required, subject to the following criteria:

1. The line or its agent advising in writing to advance notification of the intention that cargo handling services will be required not less than 72 hours prior to the intended commencement of operations.

2. Charged on a ‘per eight-hour shift’ basis at $12,500 per shift.

3. Subject to labour availability and special operational requirements.

4. Christmas Day – No services will be offered from 0001 hours on December 25th  to 0600 hours on December 26th.

5. The charges as described are subject to change if the Holidays Act 2003 is changed by Government legislation.

6. Days defined as statutory holidays are: New Year’s Day, Day after New Year’s Day, Waitangi Day, Easter Friday, Easter Monday, Anzac Day, Queen’s Birthday, Hawke’s Bay Anniversary Day, Labour Day, Christmas Day and Boxing Day.


Day 1 – Day 7: $6.00 per TEU per day

Day 8 onwards: $32.00 per TEU per day


Empty export containers: $1.40 per TEU per day (no free days)


Day of discharge + 3 days: Free

Day 4 onwards: $83.00 per TEU per day

Please note:  Sunday and public holidays are currently excluded.  This will change if receiving and delivery services are offered seven days a week, 365 days a year in future.

Import storage will be collected as per consignee via import manifest, without exception.


Empty import containers: $1.40 per TEU per day (no free days)

Dangerous goods long-stay charge 
There is a specific stowage time allowed, for any dangerous goods that come into Napier Port’s container terminal. This stowage time is dependent on the class of the dangerous goods, and is set out in our Dangerous Goods Quick Reference Guide.

After that time, the dangerous goods long-stay charge applies. This is $105 + GST per container, per day.

Dangerous goods handling charge
Cargo is considered mis-declared where it is hazardous and has been declared as Class 9 General or some other non-hazardous commodity.

Mis-declared cargo and cargo with an incorrect placard will incur the dangerous goods handling charge of $630.00.

For more information about handling dangerous goods in our container terminal, please visit our Receiving and Delivery page.

All refrigerated containers: $47.00 per container per day

Reefer monitoring: $12.00 per monitor per container

DLR power (first 12 hours): 50% of daily rate

Seasonal power surcharge: $5.00 per day per container

Note: Some shipping lines only absorb a fixed number of days before the port will charge the exporter/importer directly for power and monitoring. Please check with your shipping line.

Depot infrastructure surcharge: $21.00 per container gated in.

Transport between Napier Port and Thames Street Depot: $28.00 per TEU each way, $50.00 per FEU each way

Removal of stuck container twistlock: $45.00 per container

Standard booking fee: $12.50 + GST per booking

Every booking made and not released by 7:00pm the day prior. This fee includes an $2.50 insurance levy.


Non-confirmation fee: $100.00 per container

The above fee will apply when a booking is not confirmed by entering the container number 20 minutes before the start of the booking time. The booking will be lost.

Manual booking fee: $75.00 per container

The above fee will apply when a transport operator presents at Napier Port without a valid booking. The terminal will decide whether the container will be processed or turned away. If the container is processed, a fee will apply.

No-show/late fee: $100.00 per container

The above fee applies when a booking has been confirmed but the transport operator does not arrive or is more than 20 minutes late.

The following fees apply when a container’s verified gross mass weight has to be entered or updated by Napier Port:

Manual entry: $100.00

Manual update: $50.00

The following fees apply for use of the Napier Port weighbridge to weigh containers after they have been received into the Napier Port container terminal:

TEU container:  $57.50 per weigh

FEU container: $58.50 per weigh

If a container is found to be overweight, a fee will be charged and recovered directly from the exporter (not the packing location).  This charge recovers additional lifts, use of the weighbridge and extensive administrative time.

Overweight container surcharge: $500.00

Napier Port is subject to the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code. The Code identifies differing levels of security, with security to be maintained at Level 1 during normal operations. This includes security patrols to ensure the safety and security of Napier Port and the vessels and cargo within port boundaries.

Full container security fee: $6.00 per container

The following fee applies if a container is returned unclean with dunnage.

For import containers returned to depot: $150.00 per container, a/c consignee

If the contamination requires special disposal, additional fees will be charged.

Full containers travelling on rail: $1.00 + GST per TEU

Containers packed or devanned by Port Pack: $1.00 + GST per TEU

To meet any compliance requirements as determined by the Ministry for Primary Industries, additional costs may be incurred by an importer or their agent. Acceptance of these costs must be received by Napier Port before the container/s will be released. Should the importer or their agent not have an account with Napier Port, payment is to be made either by direct credit or cheque/cash.


Any import container found to be dirty on discharge or noticed by forklift driver when loading out to road or rail cannot be released until a MPI wash has taken place. All charges resulting will apply, a/c importer or importer’s agent. The charge will depend on the type of wash required and the size and type of container being washed.


To comply with Ministry for Primary Industries’ 5% empty inspection regime, charges will be levied directly to the shipping line concerned at $55.00 per FEU and $37.50 per TEU. If containers are found to be contaminated, cleaning will be undertaken on port a/c the shipping line, to be levied at contracted rates.


Where an import container has been received into the port via vessel, road or rail, and has been advised by the Ministry for Primary Industries as requiring a six-sided inspection.

To place the container onto the stands there will be two lifts per container chargeable depending on the size and type of container. The inspection will be undertaken by MPI Quarantine staff. If the container inspected requires washing, charges will apply, a/c importer or importer’s agent.


Where an import container has been received into the port via vessel, road or rail and has been advised by the Ministry for Primary Industries as requiring a four-sided inspection, the importer or importer’s agent has two clearance options:

1. Inspection by MPI Quarantine Officers.
2. Napier Port MPI-accredited personnel undertaking the inspection on behalf of MPI.

Option two is generally favoured because it speeds up the clearing process and facilitates the movement of the container into the care of the importer or its agent. If option two is requested by the importer or the importer’s agent, a charge of $35.00 per container inspected will be incurred. This inspection can be arranged by phoning Container Administrators on (06) 833 4415 or emailing

Where option one is preferred but cannot be undertaken within a timely manner, which in turn causes a container to incur demurrage, no discount to demurrage charges will be provided. If the container inspected is required to be washed, charges will apply a/c importer or importer’s agent.

Side wash: $34.00 per TEU, $44.00 per FEU
Roof or underside wash: $59.00 per TEU, $69.00 per FEU

Additional charges will be levied for container moves.


$40.00 per TEU
$54.00 per FEU

Two lifts per container will also apply to cover moving the container to and from the wash area.


Taping container seals as directed by the Ministry for Primary Industries: $150.00 per container

To meet compliances set down by New Zealand Customs, additional costs may be incurred by an importer or their agent. Acceptance of any costs must be received by Napier Port before the container/s will be released. Should the importer or their agent not have an account with Napier Port, payment is to be made either by direct credit or cheque/cash before container release.

Where an import container has been received into the port via vessel, road or rail, and a request for inspection received from New Zealand Customs, it will be moved to Shed 1 for physical inspection. An additional lift will be levied against the importer or their agent in such circumstances. Should Customs decide that a complete devan is required and the goods are to be held, the importer or their agent will be notified of further charges as applicable.

Import x-ray or devan/revan for export and import containers:  $40.00 per container (includes replacement seal if required, excludes moves and lifts)


In an attempt to ensure we do not penalise exporters who have provided a validated CEDO within required timeframes, we advise that it may be necessary to restrict entry for only that cargo with a pre-advised CEDO at the time of delivery to port.

The inefficiency created by non-compliant exporters can seriously impact on container terminal efficiency, therefore we draw your attention to charges that will be applied to cargo that does not load on the vessel advised:

Export containers remaining on wharf: $495.00 per seven days or part thereof, invoiced directly to the exporter involved.

For containers that do not load on the intended vessel due to a validated CEDO not being received by the Napier Port prior to the shipping line cut off (and who remain on wharf awaiting the next export opportunity). This rate excludes any power and monitoring charges. This charge reflects the additional movements, administration and storage associated with the longer-term accommodation of a container in this situation.

Export containers moving off port: A flat charge of $495.00 per seven days or part thereof will apply, invoiced directly to the exporter involved.

For containers that do not load on the intended vessel due to a validated CEDO not being received by Napier Port prior to the shipping line cut-off and which are then moved to an off-wharf location. This charge reflects that the container has used the facilities as domestic storage and not for export as intended. All charges need to be settled by the shipper prior to the movement of the container(s) involved.


Customs x-ray: $125.00 per container

Napier Port, as a Customs-Controlled Area (CCA) is required upon request to present cargo for x-ray inspection by New Zealand Customs. Cargo that has been received into the container terminal that must then be presented for inspection will incur a handling fee. This charge includes the lift out of the stack, transport to x-ray, lift back into the stack and any additional moves required to source the selected container.

If containers are selected for inspection at the time they are received i.e. are x-rayed off the receiving truck then no additional charges will be incurred. The handling fee will be recovered directly from the exporter affected.

Airbag inspection: $45.00 per vehicle

Ministry for Primary Industries inspection: $62.00 per vehicle

Vehicles are split into three categories:

1. Vehicles already cleared
2. Vehicles cleared but parked within three metres of an uncleared vehicle on the vessel
3. Uncleared vehicles


Pre-cleared cars: Free

Re-inspection: $12.00 per vehicle

Cleaning: $28.00 per vehicle (includes initial inspection)

Inspection: $15.00 per vehicle (plus a cleaning and/or re-inspection fee where applicable)

If a vehicle needs cleaning, it will move from the ramp to 4 Shed to await a wash bay,  then to the wash bay, back to 4 Shed for re-inspection, and then to 2 Wharf for delivery.

If a vehicle needs to be opened for inspection, all doors, boot and bonnet are opened, spare tyre taken out and hubcaps removed. Following the Ministry for Primary Industies inspection, moving parts are closed and returned to original condition.


Half vacuum: $33.00 (includes wiper and/or boot recess)

Full vacuum: $85.00 (includes interior vacuum and wiper or boot recess)

Half steam clean: $50.00 (wheel arches, no ramps)

Full steam clean: $85.00 + ramp charges as above (on ramps, underside clean)


Jump start: $17.00 per start

Ramp charge: $85.00 per vehicle

Storage charges: Day of discharge plus 3 days free. Thereafter, $55.00 per day per car excluding public holidays and Sundays.

Container devanning (unpacking): $240.00 per vehicle (exclues MPI inspection).

Includes receiving and delivery of vehicle, does not include cleaning charges.  All devanned vehicles are delivered from Port Pack.

If an empty container is required to be returned to a depot outside the port, additional lift and transport charges will apply.

All charges must be paid by cheque prior to car being released.  No cash or credit cards accepted.

These charges are additional to Ministry for Primary Industries inspection fees.

Machinery and miscellaneous devans: Charged on an hourly time taken basis, as each is different and guided by the Ministry for Primary Industries’ instructions.

Approved transitional facility fee: $250.00 for all container devans

Vehicle packing:  Price on application

Movement of over dimensional cargo requiring chains/slings: Price on application

Planning charges

Vessel planning: $2030.00 per vessel

Yard planning: $1,200.00 per vessel