When it comes to keeping our port safe, we’re all in it together. That means every business that operates here on port, including contractors.

Ports can be high-risk environments, but these risks can be managed with the right strategies and controls in place. Napier Port operates an approved contractor register to ensure that the businesses we work with share our health and safety standards.

It’s about working together as partners; creating a culture of care where the safety and wellbeing of others on port is just as important as our own.

Does this apply to my company?

The approved contractor register is for any contractor directly engaged by Napier Port. If you’re engaging sub-contractors as part of your project, then they must also be on Napier Port’s approved contractor register.

However, the approved contractor register doesn’t apply to contractors engaged by on-port PCBUs or customers. Those contractors must still meet our health and safety standards, but this is managed through our leases, commercial terms, Safety Protocols and Licence to Operate.

What do we need to do comply?

If your business wants to be considered for Napier Port contracts, you need to demonstrate you have the right safety systems in place for the work you’ll be undertaking. 

Specifically, you’ll need to complete the following requirements:

  1. Obtain and provide Health and Safety pre-qualification certification;
  2. Provide Health and Safety evidence;
  3. Apply to become a Napier Port approved contractor;
  4. Apply for a Port Pass card (access and Health and Safety induction) for all employees working on site;
  5. Understand the Napier Port critical risks and hazards.

Contractor pre-qualification

Contractor pre-qualification is a process that evaluates your business’ ability to proactively manage its health and safety risks while operating on port.

Napier Port works with a preferred provider, SiteWise, but if your business already has contractor pre-qualification through IMPAC or SHE, this will also be accepted. However, you’ll need to make sure your score is at the right level for the type of work you’re undertaking at Napier Port. This will be determined by the level of risk involved with your work. You’ll also need to make sure your business has insurance at the appropriate level for this activity. See our Contractor Guide.

If you don’t currently have contractor pre-qualification, don’t worry. Our delivery partner SiteWise runs a well-established contractor pre-qualification system, and will support you as you complete pre-qualification. You’ll answer a 12 step questionnaire, and upload supporting health and safety documentation to their online system. SiteWise then grades your health and safety capability, and publishes the score on their online contractor database. If you reach the required score, Napier Port will add you to our approved contractor register. Please note that there is a small cost associated with contractor pre-qualification, and you can find these details here.

The SiteWise video below talks you through this process, and what you need to do.

Contact us

If you have any questions, or would like further information about Napier Port’s approved contractor register, please contact our Health and Safety team:

Or you can call our automated safety line on +64 (6) 833 4317 to leave a message, and one of our team will call you back.