Driver Safety On Port

Driver Safety On Port

Napier Port’s priority is to make sure that everyone who comes here goes home safely every day.

The port is a safe working area that requires everyone who drives to follow the rules, especially the 20 Km/h speed limit. These rules keep each other safe and we need you on board to play your part.

Driver Safety Campaign

As part of our ongoing commitment to providing a safer workplace, and with the return of cruise season traffic we’re focusing again on driver safety right across the port. From 1 January 2023, we have introduced an enforcement policy to help support the following rules and make Napier Port safer:

  • The Vehicle speed limit is 20km/h. When driving or operating machinery on port you must travel no faster than 20km/h.
  • Seatbelts are compulsory. Seatbelts must be worn if the vehicle or machine has one when driving or operating on port.
  • Headlights or flashing roof lights must be on at all times. Unmarked vehicles should turn on their headlights or use a flashing amber beacon. Safety flags are required in the Container Terminal.
  • Motorbikes are prohibited on port. Motorbikes cannot enter or drive on port.
  • Only authorised vehicles on port. Authorised private and branded company vehicles must display a valid vehicle access pass (see Port Security for more information).

And always follow the road rules, including:

  • Respect the right of way
  • Follow port traffic signs and road markings
  • Never overtake moving vehicles
  • Don’t use your phone when driving
  • Never drink or take drugs and drive
  • If you feel tired, take a break.

What Happens If You Breach A Rule?

Driving on port is a critical risk that can cause life changing injuries. Mistakes can happen, but we all need to work hard to minimise mistakes in the port environment.

We have recently introduced a set of new consequences for health and safety breaches of the practices identified within an earlier driver safety campaign. Since the launch of that campaign we have seen some improvements across the Port in driver safety, however, there is still room for considerable improvement.

After an extensive consultation process, a full overview of the new enforcement policy and the consequences of each type of breach are available in the document to the right.

In short, drivers breaching a rule will be given a verbal or written warning and have this logged in the Port Pass system. A third or significant rule breach may result in a one week or longer ban from driving on port and will require the person to re-sit the Napier Port health and safety induction.

Please read our safety protocols here for more information about our critical risks.

Driver Safety Campaign - Enforcement Policy

Driver Safety Campaign - Enforcement Policy

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If you have any questions, please contact our Health and Safety team: Phone (06) 833 4317 or email