Permit to Work

Permit to Work

Napier Port recognises that certain high-risk activities can be inherently hazardous to the health and safety of workers.  Based on legislation and guided by Worksafe and Maritime New Zealand, industry best practice and our own critical risk assessments, Napier Port has determined that certain tasks on port will require authorisation before being undertaken.

A Permit to Work is required for defined activities under Napier Port’s operational control, or work performed by port user companies, their employees, contractors, and sub-contractors.  This includes vessels that intend to conduct work on the external and internal parts of the vessel using plant and equipment operated from the wharf deck.

Napier Port and the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council use a Permit to Work (PTW) system to enable a systematic controlled approach to providing approval to complete restricted work.  The Permit to Work system also assists in planning work, managing communication between port users, deconflicting simultaneous work activities and determining minimum hazard control mechanisms to support safe systems of work across all work sites.

Permit to Work Procedure – Harbourside

Within the Napier Port and the Pilotage Area, the master of every vessel on which it is proposed to carry out Hot Work (welding or flame-cutting) or conduct Diving operations (in or from any position) must obtain a Permit to Work from the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council Harbour Master – no less than two hours before commencing the work.   

Permit to Work Procedure – Landside

Napier Port’s Permit to Work (PTW) system applies to all port users. Any person undertaking landside restricted work (Hot Work, Bunkering, Drone Flights) in or from any position within the port will require a Permit to Work.  

The Permit to Work application must be submitted to and authorised by the Duty Safety Advisor or +64 6 833 4317 no less than 24 hours prior to worksite attendance, in preparation for the planned restricted work.

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If you have any questions, or would like further information about Napier Port’s Permit to Work system, please contact Napier Port’s Duty Safety Advisor: or +64 6 833 4317.