Safety Protocols and Policies

Our priority is to make sure everyone who comes to Napier Port goes home safely every day.

We believe safety is a shared responsibility. It’s about understanding the risks, and acting to protect the health, safety and wellbeing of ourselves and those around us.

Our Safety Protocols are the safety standards that apply to everyone who comes to Napier Port. They cover our container terminal, wharves, log yards, roadways, rail corridors and buildings. Basically, once you’re in the gate, you need to follow these rules.

They are set out in two booklets – our Individual Safety Protocols and our Company Safety Protocols. Both booklets are updated periodically, please find the latest editions below. If you have any questions, please contact our Health and Safety team:

Individual Safety Protocols

Our Individual Safety Protocols are the safety rules that all individuals must follow. They cover the port’s critical risks, PPE gear you need to wear, our drug and alcohol policy, reporting responsibilities and emergency evacuation information. If you’re coming to Napier Port, then this booklet is for you. Just click on the cover to open and read it.

If you intend to undertake work at Napier Port, or are a regular visitor here, you must also complete our health and safety induction.

Company Safety Protocols

Our Company Safety Protocols are the safety standards that apply to all businesses operating at Napier Port – including customers, contractors, tenants, marshallers and stevedores. They cover work permits, traffic management plans, hazardous substance management, communicating across port, reporting responsibilities, and more. If your business operates here, then this booklet is for you. Just click on the cover to open and read it.

Drug and Alcohol Policy

We’re committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace for all workers and visitors. 

Napier Port believes all its employees, contractors, tenants, and anyone working for or visiting us on port are entitled to work in a drug-free and alcohol-free environment, and that their safety and that of others is paramount.

Napier Port holds a zero-tolerance approach for the use or possession of illicit substances, including the misuse of prescription drugs and alcohol, while at work and on the Port and associated work sites.

Working on port or visiting us? Please familiarise yourself with our Drug and Alcohol Policy here.