Have your say on the Licence to Operate

We’re committed to maintaining the highest standards of safety on our port. With that goal in mind, we’re in the process of introducing a ‘licence to operate’ for a number of companies operating on our site.

It will be based on risk, and will formalise our relationship with companies where we may not currently have a direct relationship (e.g. port tenants or contractors hired by our customers). If your company is in our first group of signatories, you will already be aware and in conversation with us.

Please find the sample Licence to Operate here, and the draft Company Safety Protocols upon which it is based here.

Sample Licence to Operate

Sample Licence to Operate

We want your feedback

Let us know your thoughts on the proposed Licence to Operate by Wednesday 31 October. 

Once we’ve received feedback, we’ll finalise the Licence to Operate contract. From there, we will work with our first group of signatory companies to develop their individual Licence to Operate contract (including the list of approved activities and special conditions). If you have any questions at all about this process, please do let us know.

Email feedback to communications@napierport.co.nz