Holiday Season Hours of Operation – Container Terminal R&D and Thames St I & II Depots

We know our customers are looking ahead to arrangements over the Christmas and New Year’s period. So we want to make sure you have Napier Port’s hours of operation – Container Terminal R&D and Thames Street I & II Depots – to help you with logistics and planning.

Please find our holiday season hours of operation set out below. Napier Port R&D will be closed on weekends and public holidays between 19 December 2020 and 10 January 2021.

Please also note: The Container Terminal R&D and Thames Street I & II Depots will reopen on Saturdays from 16 January 2021.

Saturday 19-Dec-20 CLOSED CLOSED
Sunday 20-Dec-20 CLOSED CLOSED
Monday 21-Dec-20 0700 – 1730* 0700 – 1730
Tuesday 22-Dec-19 0700 – 1730* 0700 – 1730
Wednesday 23-Dec-19 0700 – 1730* 0700 – 1730
Thursday 24-Dec-19 0700 – 1600 0700 – 1600
Friday 25-Dec-19 CLOSED CLOSED
Saturday 26-Dec-19 CLOSED CLOSED
Sunday 27-Dec-19 CLOSED CLOSED
Monday 28-Dec-19 CLOSED CLOSED
Tuesday 29-Dec-19 0700 – 1730* 0700 – 1730
Wednesday 30-Dec-20 0700 – 1730* 0700 – 1730
Thursday 31-Dec-20 0700 – 1600 0700 – 1600
Friday 1-Jan-21 CLOSED CLOSED
Saturday 2-Jan-21 CLOSED CLOSED
Sunday 3-Jan-21 CLOSED CLOSED
Monday 4-Jan-21 CLOSED CLOSED
Tuesday 5-Jan-21 0700 – 1730* 0700 – 1730
Wednesday 6-Jan-21 0700 – 1730* 0700 – 1730
Thursday 7-Jan-21 0700 – 1730* 0700 – 1730
Friday 8-Jan-21 0700 – 1730* 0700 – 1730
Saturday 9-Jan-21 CLOSED CLOSED
Sunday 10-Jan-21 CLOSED CLOSED


*Late process – zones 18 to 19 
Please note: There will be no late process on Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve

On the days marked with an astrisk, Napier Port will offer a late process of import, export and empty de-hire containers, provided that the following conditions are met:

  • The export container has been pre-advised through the Community Access Portal or business-to-business EDI messaging by 5:00pm
  • The empty de-hire container is for a Napier Port depot customer**
  • The import container to be collected is a specific nominated container and not a hazardous or out of gauge container (no block stack containers)
  • The container has a manifested Propel booking by 5:00pm. Multiple containers for the same truck must be manifested together for one TVA number
  • The truck enters through Port Security at the Eastern Gate (Marine Parade end) from 5:40pm onwards.

**Empty container returns: Please ensure you have the correct delivery details before returning an empty container to Napier Port. If you are unsure where to deliver an empty container, please check with the shipping line. Alternatively, use to find the empty delivery location. 

If you have any questions about our holiday season hours of operation, please contact David Kriel – GM Commercial on