Operational Restrictions Reminder: Container Vessel Bay Aft of the Bridge

In preparation for the upcoming peak produce season at Napier Port, we wanted to provide a further reminder about our new operational restrictions. As noted previously and in effect since 1 September 2020, Napier Port is no longer able to work the bay directly behind the bridge of container vessels. This operational restriction is due to the construction of Napier Port’s new 6 Wharf, which is planned for completion in late 2022.

Accordingly, please do not plan for containers to discharge or load at Napier Port in the bay directly behind the bridge, as indicated in red in the image below. The second bay behind the bridge, any other bays aft of this and all bays forward of the bridge continue to be workable at Napier Port.

Thank you for your understanding. If you have any questions, please contact me on chrisw@napierport.co.nz or +64 6 833 4413.