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Our Growth

Hawke’s Bay’s export economy is thriving

As Hawke’s Bay’s export economy grows, Napier Port is growing too – we’re providing industry-leading solutions for our region’s businesses, we’re finding innovative ways to move more cargo across our wharves and we’re making room for larger ships.

Every year, Napier Port ships more than 60,000 containers of apples, squash, onions, meat, dairy, canned and frozen food, wine and beverages. And the world wants more.

In 2017, Napier Port handled:

containers (TEU)

3.6 million tonnes
of exports

1.1 million tonnes
of imports

51% of
Gross Regional Product

Napier Port handled 288,444 twenty-foot equivalent containers (TEUs) last year (2017), a growth of around 85 percent over the last ten years. Log volume over the same period has grown by more than 100 percent.

Looking ahead

Our 10-year forecasts predict continued growth in containerised cargo. Apple exports are forecast to grow substantially, and we are already seeing the “Wall of Wood” come to the port.

These graphs indicate Napier Port’s forecast growth in containerised cargo, export logs and bulk cargo, over the next 10 years.

In dollar terms, Napier Port supports more than $3.4 billion of Hawke’s Bay’s Gross Regional Product (GRP). By 2025, we are forecast to be associated with a total regional GRP impact of $4.7 billion, or an estimated 52 percent of total Hawke’s Bay GRP.

Forecast Growth: Containers (TEU)

Forecast Growth: Export Logs (Tonnes)

Forecast Growth: Bulk Cargo (Tonnes)