Wharf Development

Future-proofing Napier Port

Napier Port’s success and growth is largely a reflection of the region’s thriving businesses. Napier Port serves those businesses by fitting seamlessly into their logistics and supply chains. 

In 2018, Napier Port handled:


containers (TEU)

2.2 million tonnes
of log exports

3.1 million tonnes
of bulk cargo

This increase reflects the growth of the Hawke’s Bay economy, which shows no signs of slowing. Overall growth in export cargo is forecast to climb substantially over the next ten years. By 2028, we expect to be handling:

7.3% increase

containers (TEU)
17.8% increase

2.9 million tonnes 
of log exports
32.4% increase

3.7 million tonnes
of bulk cargo
20.8% increase

In addition to keeping up with the growth in our cargo base, we need to keep pace with the changes in the international shipping industry. Ship sizes are growing, and the next generation of ships will be 360 metres long.

We’ve already made significant investments in building our capacity. However, further investment is required in the next 10 years to provide adequate berthing options for the number of, type and size of vessels. It is vital that we can service all these ships or they are likely to go elsewhere.