Wharf Design

What would another wharf look like?

We carried out a series of simulations to optimise the design, ensuring that large ships can be manoeuvred onto and off the proposed wharf and that other ships can easily access our existing wharves.

The simulations gave us realistic impression of the scale of the wharf and how ships would look while approaching and when berthed.

Before and after

Check out how Napier Port looks now, and how it will look with a new wharf.

We worked with Boffa Miskell, one of New Zealand’s best-recognised landscape architecture consultancies, to undestand the visual impact of the proposed wharf development. You can read the full report here.

The study showed that the development will have minimal additional impact and limited visibility, with the ‘visual catchment’ being relatively small. It will be visible from:

  • Breakwater Road, Hardinge Road and north-facing properties of Bluff Hill (Seapoint, Kowhai and Bayview)
  • Bluff Hill Domain
  • The foreshore through to Perfume Point
  • The inner waters adjacent to Napier Port
  • Planes

The report recognises that Napier Port is long established landmark that already forms part of the view and in itself is a source of activity and interest.