Our Safety Protocols

Individual Safety ProtocolsOur priority is to make sure that everyone who comes to Napier Port gets home safely – every day. Our new Safety Protocols booklets help with this. They set out Napier Port’s health and safety standards, and what you need to do to meet them.

Our Individual Safety Protocols are for everyone who comes to port – Napier Port’s people, port users and visitors.

Our Company Safety Protocols are the safety standards that apply to all businesses operating at Napier Port – including customers, contractors, tenants, marshallers and stevedores.  Read them both here.

What do I need to do?

If your business operates at Napier Port, we expect you to:

  • Read, understand and uphold the standards set out in our Company Safety Protocols booklet. It covers important information about work permits, traffic management plans, hazardous substance management, communicating across port, escorting visitors on port, and reporting responsibilities.
  • Read the Individual Safety Protocols booklet, and share it with anyone who undertakes work for you at Napier Port (including your staff and contractors). This covers the port’s critical risks, PPE gear, our drug and alcohol policy, reporting responsibilities and emergency evacuation information.
  • If you are hosting a visitor at Napier Port – please share the Individual Safety Protocols with them (you can send them this link to the Safety Protocols).
  • If your visitor intends to access Napier Port on a more regular basis, you’re also responsible for ensuring they complete our health and safety induction.

It’s about creating a culture of care where we look after the safety and wellbeing of ourselves, and those around us.

If you have any questions about Napier Port’s Safety Protocols, please contact our Health and Safety team: HealthandSafety@napierport.co.nz