Safety Alert: Log load securing requirements

Napier Port wants everyone who comes here to go home safely every day. This Safety Alert sets out the log load safety standards for all trucks entering Napier Port.

In recent months, we have witnessed multiple incidents of overloaded trucks and trucks with broken equipment (see below). These are safety code breaches, and present significant risk to people working at Napier Port and truck drivers.

If log load securing requirements are not met, truck drivers may face serious consequences when trying to enter Napier Port.

What are the issues?

Overloaded or poorly loaded road truck and trailers – (load security)

Loads carried on damaged road truck and trailer equipment – (broken bolster)

Immediate action required

If you are involved with loading a log truck that’s coming to Napier Port, you must make sure that it complies with the Log Transport Safety Council’s Log Load Securing Requirements. Truck drivers are ultimately responsible for their loads and the condition of their truck equipment. Safety Advisors will be present at the Western Gate tomorrow, checking loads.


Trucks carrying illegal or unsafe log loads may be rejected. The log load must remain chained until further instruction is given by Napier Port staff or the appropriate log marshalling company. The truck driver must comply with all instructions – they are for your own safety.

If a driver doesn’t comply with instructions, or continues to breach safety regulations, they may be subject to a stand-down period of up to 48 hours. This will apply to both the driver and their vehicle. They may not be able to enter Napier Port during that time.

Log load securing requirements

This is how log loads must be stacked.

This is the maximum permitted log height with crowning.

All loads entering Napier Port’s log yards must be fully chained.

Bolster extension pins must not be lowered during unchaining.

The full list of Log Load Securing Requirements can be found here on the Log Transport Safety Council website.

For more information

Health and Safety
Phone: (06) 833 4340