Sustainability Framework and Master Plan published

Napier Port (NZX.NPH) today published two key documents, a preliminary draft of its 30-year Master Plan and a Sustainability Framework.

“Building Future Connections”, Napier Port’s 30-year Master Plan, and its Sustainability Framework together provide a vision for how Napier Port plans to support sustainable growth and achieve an efficient supply chain for its customers and the Hawke’s Bay region long-term.

Napier Port chief executive Todd Dawson says the Master Plan shows the port is in a good position to handle cargo growth and larger ship sizes.

“We consulted with customers, the community and other stakeholders about what they need from us and what the future looks like for them. We also looked at different trade scenarios and the future of the shipping industry.

“This work validated a number of projects already underway: building 6 Wharf by the end of 2022, developing our inland freight hubs and the recent arrival of our third tug. Beyond the next 10 years, there are options we can explore to seize future opportunities and keep pace with growth.”

The second of the documents, the Sustainability Framework, is aligned to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and outlines where Napier Port plans to focus its environmental, and social efforts while delivering for its customers and Hawke’s Bay’s regional economy.

“We’re proud of the work we are already doing to address sustainability challenges and opportunities. The framework documents some of that existing work while looking at where we can focus our future efforts locally to advance international issues such as equality, climate change, biodiversity, biosecurity, water management and economic growth.”

Preliminary Master Plan

Sustainability Framework

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We welcome feedback on both plans by the end of the year.

Feedback will be used to inform the final Master Plan and a comprehensive Sustainability Strategy that will be released next year.

Master Plan

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Sustainability Framework

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