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Traffic lights to be activated at Napier Port’s Western Gate

As part of our drive to improve safety at our Western Gate, the newly installed traffic lights will be activated this Sunday at 9.00am.

Once activated, there will a testing period of roughly four hours, to ensure the level crossing barrier arms and the lights are communicating with each other seamlessly. During this time Higgins staff members will be on site to assist with directing traffic if required.

As well as improving safety, the lights will also be instrumental in aiding the flow of traffic in and out of the port. In the event that there is no train approaching and no pedestrians waiting to cross, vehicles should receive a green light from Breakwater Road, right into the port, without the requirement to stop at multiple locations.

Please ensure that you take extra care when approaching our gates next week, while motorists, pedestrians, and cyclists get used to the new layout.

Thank you for your support for making our Western Gate a safer place.

An important consideration
When leaving the port and stopping at a red light, you need to ensure your vehicle is positioned in the correct lane in order to activate the correct traffic light (left or right). If, for example, you are wanting to make a right turn and your vehicle is overhanging the left lane, you may find the left arrow runs green rather than the right.