Wharf Construction to Start Early February

As 2020 ramps up, so do Napier Port’s plans to build 6 Wharf; a vital piece of infrastructure that will help to support growth for our customers and region.

Since signing the contract with HEB Construction we’ve been hard at work establishing the construction site, procuring materials and developing comprehensive best-practice management plans to protect the environment and community interests during the project. We are on track to ‘break ground’ and start building the wharf on Wednesday 5 February 2020.

High-level project timetable outlined on our dedicated 6 Wharf website
With construction starting early February, we plan to complete the wharf and have it receive its first ship in late 2022 (assuming no significant weather delays or other unforeseen circumstances). You can read more about our construction and dredging programme on our 6 Wharf website.

Building sustainably and in partnership
Our work will be guided by in-depth management plans to protect community, cultural, environmental and recreational values. These plans include a/an:

Keeping the community informed
Napier Port is committed to keeping people informed over the next few years as we build 6 Wharf. Visit 6wharf.co.nz for more information, read our FAQs or drop our team a line at 6wharf@napierport.co.nz. We welcome your feedback and look forward to delivering this critical asset for our region, customers and Napier Port in 2022.