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Access the Port

Access the port

Ports are high-risk, tightly controlled areas, and Napier Port is no exception.

We have strong processes in place to manage who comes onto port. Below are the three main criteria that must be met, to access Napier Port. If you have any questions about port access and safety standards, please contact our Health and Safety team: healthandsafetygroup@napierport.co.nz

Napier Port is an MPI biosecurity and Customs-controlled area, and access is governed by a range of rules and regulations. Only people who absolutely need to be here are allowed onsite. Napier Port Security manages this, and may deny access if they don’t think someone has a genuine (or bona fide) reason for accessing the port.

If you are a regular visitor to Napier Port (for example a contractor or transport operator), you will need to complete our online health and safety induction. This covers the minimum safety protocols that you will need to meet while on port.

When accessing Napier Port, you must provide photo identification as proof of identity. Please keep your photo identification on you at all times while on port, as you may be asked to produce it at any time.

The following credentials are acceptable for the purpose of establishing identity:

  • A military identification card
  • An identification card issued by a New Zealand Government department, government agency, or the New Zealand Defence Force
  • A driver’s licence issued by the New Zealand Land Transport Safety Authority
  • A seafarer’s identity document issued by a contracting government or flag state administration
  • A valid passport
  • An identification credential issued by a port facility operator
  • An identification credential issued by a recognised company, union, or trade association
  • Other forms of identification approved by the Napier Port Chief Executive.

A photo identity is only acceptable if it contains:

  • The holder’s full name
  • The holder’s photograph
  • The name of the issuing authority
  • The identification must be protected against being tampered with (for example, be laminated).

Health and safety induction

Our online health and safety induction will equip you with the information you need to stay safe on port, and is a must for anyone who is a regular visitor to Napier Port.

This includes all port employees and tenants, as well as contractors and transport operators.

Napier Port Health and Safety Induction

Visitor map

If you’re visiting our office, please take a look at our visitor map first. 

We have a lot of traffic through our gates, so please remember to stop at the rail crossing and check for both trucks and trains. When you reach our office, please park in one of the designated visitor parks and sign in using the iPad in the lobby.

Visitor Map

Visitor Map

Licence to operate

We’re committed to maintaining the highest standards of safety on our port. With that goal in mind, we’re in the process of introducing a ‘licence to operate’ for a number of companies operating on our site.

It will be based on risk, and will formalise our relationship with companies where we may not currently have a direct relationship (e.g. port tenants or contractors hired by our customers). If your company is in our first group of signatories, you will already be aware and in conversation with us.

Please find the sample Licence to Operate here, and the draft Company Safety Protocols upon which it is based here.

Sample Licence to Operate

Sample Licence to Operate

We want your feedback

Let us know your thoughts on the proposed Licence to Operate by Wednesday 31 October. 

Once we’ve received feedback, we’ll finalise the Licence to Operate contract. From there, we will work with our first group of signatory companies to develop their individual Licence to Operate contract (including the list of approved activities and special conditions). If you have any questions at all about this process, please do let us know.

Email feedback to communications@napierport.co.nz