Access the Port

Access the port

Ports are high-risk, tightly controlled areas, and Napier Port is no exception.

We have strong processes in place to manage who comes onto port. Below are the three main criteria that must be met, to access Napier Port. If you have any questions about port access, please contact the Napier Port access team: If you have any questions about safety standards, please contact our Health and Safety team:

Napier Port is an MPI biosecurity and Customs-controlled area, and access is governed by a range of rules and regulations. Only people who absolutely need to be here are allowed onsite. Napier Port Security manages this, and may deny access if they don’t think someone has a genuine (or bona fide) reason for accessing the port.

If you intend to undertake work at Napier Port or are a regular visitor to Napier Port (for example a contractor or transport operator), you will need to complete our online health and safety induction. This covers the minimum safety protocols that you will need to meet while on port. The induction is now integrated into the Port Pass ID and access system. Port users can register for the new ID card and complete our health and safety induction all through the Port Pass website here.

If you intend to undertake work at Napier Port or are a regular visitor to Napier Port (for example a contractor or transport operator), you will need a Port Pass ID card.

You do not need a Port Pass ID card if you are visiting Napier Port and will be escorted by an ‘elected supervisor’ (someone who works for a business at the port and has a current Port Pass ID card).

When accessing Napier Port, you must provide photo identification as proof of identity. Please keep your photo identification on you at all times while on port, as you may be asked to produce it at any time.

The following credentials are acceptable for the purpose of establishing identity:

  • A military identification card
  • An identification card issued by a New Zealand Government department, government agency, or the New Zealand Defence Force
  • A driver’s licence issued by the New Zealand Land Transport Safety Authority
  • A seafarer’s identity document issued by a contracting government or flag state administration
  • A valid passport
  • An identification credential issued by a port facility operator
  • An identification credential issued by a recognised company, union, or trade association
  • Other forms of identification approved by the Napier Port Chief Executive.

A photo identity is only acceptable if it contains:

  • The holder’s full name
  • The holder’s photograph
  • The name of the issuing authority
  • The identification must be protected against being tampered with (for example, be laminated).

Port Pass

The Port Pass ID and access system is part of our wider efforts to make port induction and access as streamlined as possible for our regular Napier Port users.

It is now compulsory for everyone on port to have a Port Pass card. In line with Maritime NZ compliance requirements, anyone accessing the port via the Western Gate or Eastern Gate must swipe their Port Pass card to enter and exit the port.

Port Pass Card  Collection

Please bring the same ID used in your registration application as proof of identity and collect your card from one of the two collection locations:

Main collection location (available 24/7) – Napier Port Eastern Gate Port Security

Important: Please note when collecting from Eastern Gate Port Security:

  • Stop at the pre-check swipe and use the intercom to advise Port Security you are there to collect your card
  • Port Security will instruct you to pull over to the left side, exit your vehicle and use the pedestrian crossing to cross the road. Security will meet you at the turnstile and collect your photo ID.
  • Once you card has been printed you ill be given access to the port.

Accessing the port via Eastern Gate Port Security with your Port Pass card:

  • Each time you visit the port via the Eastern Gate you must pre-swipe your Port Pass card.
    – Green light – Proceed
    – Red light – Pull over to the left side

Secondary location – Western Gate gatehouse

  • Entry via Lane 1 for container truck drivers / Port Pack destined truck drivers
  • Driver to access the gatehouse through the driver’s entrance
  • Once your card has been printed you will be given access to the port.

Port Main Building collection by arrangement only. Please contact Port Pass Support on +64 (6) 833 4444 to make the necessary arrangements.

Port Pass Company Administration and Port User Procedures

Port Pass Company Administrators are responsible for managing their own company’s Port Pass card holders, including their H&S induction and renewal process, and maintaining updated contact details. A Company Administration & Port User Procedures user manual is available to download here.

Port Pass Support

If you have any questions or experience any issues with Port Pass or the registration process, please contact the Port Pass team via email: or phone: 0800 767 877.

Apply Here

Health and safety induction

Our online health and safety induction will equip you with the information you need to stay safe on port, and is a must for anyone who is a regular visitor to Napier Port. 

This includes all port employees and tenants, as well as contractors and transport operators.

Napier Port’s health and safety induction is now integrated into the Port Pass ID and access system. Port users can register for the new ID card and complete our health and safety induction all through the Port Pass website.

Safety Protocols

We want to make sure everyone who comes to Napier Port goes home safely every day.

Our Safety Protocols are the safety standards that apply to everyone who comes to Napier Port. The Individual Safety Protocols are for all of us to read, understand and follow. The Company Safety Protocols are for all businesses that operate here.

Coming to Napier Port? Please visit our Safety Protocols page and read the booklet that applies to you.

Drug and Alcohol Policy

We’re committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace for all workers and visitors. 

Napier Port believes all its employees, contractors, tenants, and anyone working for or visiting us on port are entitled to work in a drug-free and alcohol-free environment, and that their safety and that of others is paramount.

Napier Port holds a zero-tolerance approach for the use or possession of illicit substances, including the misuse of prescription drugs and alcohol, while at work and on the Port and associated work sites.

Working on port or visiting us? Please familiarise yourself with our Drug and Alcohol Policy here.

Protecting our borders

Napier Port is a key gateway into and out of New Zealand.

Napier Port is an international border and Customs-Controlled Area. As such, all port workers and port users have a role to play in helping NZ Customs protect our border.

Help customs identify and stop criminal exploitation of the supply chain. You can protect your community by reporting any suspicious activity that doesn’t feel right in your work place. Any information that you report can help keep your whanau, work place and community safe. To report criminals exploiting the supply chain, call  the confidential hotline 0800 WE PROTECT  (0800 937 768).

For more information, please visit or watch a NZ Customs Border Protect overview video here.

Visitor map

If you’re visiting our office, please take a look at our visitor map first.

There are now traffic lights, bells and barrier arms at this entrance. Please follow all traffic signals, road markings and signs – and proceed on the green light. Always check for trucks, cars, cyclists, pedestrians and trains. When you reach our office, please park in one of the designated visitor parks and sign in using the iPad in the lobby.

Visitor Map

Visitor Map