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Our vision

Our future is one forged together

Working side-by-side with our customers and our community, we can drive growth and success that benefits our region, our people and our environment.

With key partners, Napier Port aims to grow a resilient and agile network of supply chain infrastructure that operates as a connected, intelligent system, delivering our customers’ cargo to market.

In building our future, Napier Port will collaborate with like-minded organisations, creating a network partners with shared aspirations. This vibrant network will empower the bold pursuit of ideas and opportunities, supporting growth and success, and enabling our region to reach its full potential.

Our success will be founded on a culture of care for our customers, our community and each other.

Together, we build a thriving region by connecting you to the world.

Our focus

At the heart of Napier Port’s strategy are four key elements that will shape the course we chart toward achieving our vision.

Our goals

Five high-level goals support our focus areas and will guide strategic decisions and investment.


Goal 1.
Develop a rich understanding of our customers’ businesses.


Goal 2.
Every member of our team strives to improve customer outcomes.


Goal 3.
Use data and technology to build value in our business, our customers’ businesses, and throughout the supply chain.


Goal 4.
Support an adaptable supply chain with a resilient infrastructure network.


Goal 5.
Collaborate to look after people, planet and place to ensure our business and community thrive.