Our region

We’re proud to call Hawke’s Bay home

Hawke’s Bay is thriving. Because when people are connected, space is abundant, and freight flows freely, doing business is simple. 

Our food exports are in demand, bolstered by our reputation as a clean, green region. Our forests are ready for harvest, and our fibre exports are heading to all corners of the globe. Our tourism industry is strong, with an abundance of visitor experiences.

We have the good fortune to live and work in a picturesque natural environment, from rolling farmland to sprawling vineyards and vast beaches. With rich soils and a sunny climate, the adage that Great Things Grow Here™ rings true. In a world where consumers are increasingly conscious of the origin of their products, Hawke’s Bay has a compelling story to tell.

The lifestyle and career opportunities on offer in Hawke’s Bay are attracting clever people from far and wide, joining the ranks of talent grown here. The ease of connectivity and remote working is opening a world of new opportunities, fuelling the growth of tech and innovation companies with a base in the Bay.

Hawke’s Bay is connected by a network encompassing road, rail, sea and air.  At the heart of that network is Napier Port, a busy seaport that connects our businesses to world markets, unloads the goods that keep our economy running, and welcomes tourists to explore our region.

At Napier Port, we’re passionate about our region. We know that there’s room to grow and potential to be realised, and we’re working hard to connect our region to a prosperous future.