Port Noise

Thinking about our neighbours

We know that keeping our noise levels at a minimum is important to the community that we are part of. That’s why we proactively work to minimise the noise we make.

Napier Port has installed a noise monitor on Napier Hill to ensure that we understand the noise levels received in the community and inform our ways of working.

Napier Port is focused on looking for new and better ways to reduce our noise effects. Here are a few of the successful initiatives we’ve implemented so far:

  • Positioning container stacks on the port boundary to buffer noise
  • Relocating log and container transfer operations away from the residential properties
  • Installing heavier duty mufflers on tugs
  • Investing in container handling equipment that minimise engine revving
  • Installing new software on cranes to slow the lowering of containers close to the ground to reduce landing noise
  • Restricting vehicle speeds
  • Laying smooth paving to make vehicle movements quieter
  • Having ship horns blasted only for safety reasons or emergencies

Port Noise Management

The City of Napier District Plan sets out the rules for managing Port noise. Napier Port has created a Port Noise Management Plan to ensure best practice and meet its statutory obligations in the District Plan.

The Port, Council and residents are working together through the Port Noise Liaison committee to ensure these obligations are met and that residents are not unduly affected by Port generated noise.

Port Noise Management Plan

Port Noise Management Plan

The Port Noise Liaison Committee has a membership that aims to include the port operators and users, the local councils and resident representatives that may be affected by noise caused by the Port. 

The functions of the Port Noise Liaison Committee are:

• Determine fair and reasonable criteria to select which houses should be recommended to the Port to receive acoustic treatment;
• Make recommendations to Napier Port as to which eligible houses identified in the yearly contour plan should receive noise mitigation;
• Prepare and maintain a list of one or more builders recommended for the noise mitigation work;
• Receive and consider the results of noise monitoring;
• In general, the functions of the Committee will align with Appendix 33C of the Environment Court Consent Order;
• Help both port users and residents alike, to understand and appreciate each other’s respective positions and concerns.

The Port Noise Liaison Committee meet, in private at Napier Port, at least twice annually.

Because operating a successful port can be a noisy business, Napier Port has proactively introduced a noise mitigation package for our neighbours.

If your home has been identified in the Port Noise Management Plan as experiencing port noise in excess of 60 dB Ldn (5-day), Napier Port will share in the cost of introducing noise mitigation measures to your home.

Noise Mitigation Eligibility

The City of Napier District Plan sets the planning rules for the acoustic treatment of houses in certain areas to achieve a reasonable internal noise environment. Napier Port’s voluntary noise mitigation package reflects best practice and goes over and above the minimum requirements that are set in the Consent conditions and District Plan.

In order determine eligible houses, Port noise contours are produced annually and those existing houses that fall within a 60 dB Ldn (5-day) line are considered eligible. The Port Noise Liaison committee is responsible for determining which additional houses qualify for Port funded mitigation and the process to be followed.

The current Port Noise Contour Map (2022) is available to view here. More information is also available in Napier Port’s Annual Noise Monitoring Review here.

A future noise contours map has also been modelled to identify at specific locations where particular levels of noise are likely to be experienced, out to 2035. This map predicts that a number of additional existing dwellings may qualify for noise mitigation by 2035, however, please note that mitigation will only be available if the actual noise profile increases and the dwelling becomes eligible.

Napier Port Noise Mitigation Contribution

The mitigation for eligible houses is typically prioritised and staged in the following order:

1. Ensure windows and doors form an air tight seal when closed.
2. Install ventilation and air conditioning system(s) to provide suitable ventilation and cooling with the windows closed.
3. If the indoor design criteria are not achieved following Stages 1 and 2, an acoustic consultant should be engaged to provide façade sound insulation recommendations that enable design compliance and provide a noticeable improvement.

Napier Port will facilitate the process and has currently offered to financially contribute 100% of the costs for stages 1 and 2.  Napier Port will financially contribute 50% of the cost of stage 3, with up to a maximum total of $50,000 contribution for mitigations required on each property.*

If you think that our noise is affecting your home, we encourage you to get in touch.

*Please note: Full conditions and details of the noise mitigation package are available in the Port Noise Management Plan.

Napier Port maintains a robust complaints process as part of its Port Noise Management Plan. 

If you would like to lodge a noise-related complaint or provide feedback please complete our noise complaint form below. If your complaint is urgent you can also notify the Napier Port security team directly +64 6 833 4440, 24/7.

Click here to complete our Environmental Complaint and Feedback Form.

Find out more about the process for raising a noise-related issue with Napier Port here.

Working with Our Neighbours

We have provided noise mitigation packages (Stages 1 & 2) to 12 houses to date, with more assessments in the works. We wanted to share some of these good stories and what this work has meant for our neighbours.

Here’s our first video with Greg Walker on Seapoint Road:


Key Dates

October 2023

Port Noise Liaison Committee Meeting

Stay Informed

Napier Port provide regular email updates about port noise news, including noise mitigation information and upcoming noise-related events. Sign up to our port noise mailing list below.

Napier Port also run a regular pop-up information session for residents living near the Port. The aim of these sessions is to provide residents with an opportunity to talk directly with key Napier Port employees and hear about the latest developments related to port noise.

Drop us a line

Sometimes there’s an issue and things don’t go as planned. That can mean there are problems with noise levels, or other issues, that can affect our neighbours.

If you’ve experienced an issue, we’d like to hear about it. Click here to talk to our team and let us know how we can improve.