Investing in our community

We believe in nurturing and growing the community we’re part of by sharing our time and our resources. Here, you can find out about some of the exciting initiatives Napier Port has been proud to support.

If you would like to understand how we select the initiatives that we support, take a look at our sponsorship criteria below.

Sponsorship guidelines

As well as giving back to the people around us, we look for sponsorships that help to create a healthier economy, society and environment.

We attract hundreds of requests for support. So to ensure we make the most of our budget, our partnerships are strategically focused and fall within our catchment, which stretches from Wairoa in the North to Manuwatu in the South and Wanganui in the West.

Caring for Hawke’s Bay’s economy, people and environment
Our sponsorships help us to meet our economic, social and environmental responsibilities and are focused in the following areas:

  • Economic partner: Napier Port will consider supporting initiatives that can help grow the Hawke’s Bay economy.
  • Industry awards and conferences: Where a port, supply chain or customer-related industry is celebrating success, Napier Port will consider sponsorship.
  • Coastal environment. We are interested in supporting coastal or estuarine environmental restoration projects.

Building strong communities

  • Iwi/ hapū community: We will consider partnering with an iwi or hapū group in Te Matau a Māui or mana whenua within the Te Whanganui-a-Orotū on environmental or social projects.
  • Water safety and recreation: Where a community group within Hawke’s Bay is undertaking an activity on or near the water, particularly with a safety focus, Napier Port will consider sponsorship.
  • Maritime connection: We are proud of our maritime history and will consider sponsoring any initiative that celebrates Hawke’s Bay’s maritime activities.

When assessing a sponsorship opportunity we also look to partner with organisations, initiatives and events which provide Napier Port with a good opportunity to leverage the sponsorship.

We do not sponsor or donate to:

  • Political parties or advocacy groups
  • Private schools
  • Third parties raising funds for charity
  • Initiatives or events that promote alcohol, smoking, violence, use of firearms, harm to the environment or community, gambling/betting, illegal or high-risk activities (for example extreme sports, motor-racing and hunting).
  • Conference attendance
  • Memberships
  • Construction projects

Please note, we do put aside a small percentage of our sponsorship budget to support Napier Port staff to keep healthy, well and safe at work.

Funding application process and sponsorship intakes
This financial year, we are in the process of reviewing our sponsorship programme, including our application process and the current portfolio of partners we work with, and exploring ways to strengthen and grow our partnerships over the long-term.

Please note our sponsorship application intake rounds are currently on hold while we review our programme.

Our community partnerships

We’re proud to support a number of initiatives that contribute to the wellbeing and growth of our community.

Here are just a few of our sponsorships: