Eastern Gate New Delivery Lock Box Process

As part of an ongoing process to improve the port’s security and access procedures, we have installed a new lock box at the Napier Port Eastern Gate (as pictured below). The lock box will serve two functions:

  • Courier delivery location for parcels for Napier Port and its tenants only. This will stop couriers from driving through the Eastern Gate and help us to better manage safety on port.
  • Designated location for unaccompanied baggage storage, including all drop-offs that are organised for collection by agents or vessels.

Access to open the lock box will be managed by the Port Security team, who already currently oversee the process for all courier deliveries and unaccompanied baggage drop-offs at the Eastern Gate.

                           Lock box location circled in blue above

The above changes will be effective from Friday 8 May. Please advise any of your relevant contacts who make deliveries or drop-offs to the port of the new lock box location and the new processes.

A quick reminder that all items in the lock box are subject to be searched by Customs, who will also have access to the lock box, in accordance with the Customs and Excise Act 2018.

Thank you for your support with this new initiative.