Important Security Reminder – Port Pass cards

As an international border, Napier Port is required to operate under the Maritime Security – International Ship and Port Security (ISPS) code. In addition, we are also subject to Department of Immigration and NZ Customs requirements.

Accordingly, Napier Port is required to administer a number of checks before a person can be granted access onto the port. The first check being a valid form of ID is required to be on port, along with a bona fide reason for doing so. Port Pass has been approved as a valid form of ID by Maritime New Zealand, provided that cards are issued by an authorised person (i.e. an assigned Port Pass administrator) to the person whose ID is on the card. The Port Pass card is not to be used by any other person other than the person identified on the card.

Please be aware that port users will be denied access if they try to use another person’s card for entry, and may also be subject to an escalating ban from Napier Port. 

Napier Port Security manages entry onto the port, and they have the authority to deny access to individuals as required. We ask that you please respect our security team at all times, as they are working hard to ensure the Port complies with its legally-mandated security obligations.

Please note this email has been sent to all registered Port Pass company administrators. We kindly ask that you please pass this onto all of your employees.

If you have lost your Port Pass card, please contact the Port Pass Team to organise a replacement: Toll Free on 0800 767 877 or email

Thank you for your understanding on this matter.


Adam Harvey
General Manager Marine and Cargo