Loading Zone 3 closed from 27 August 2018

Loading Zone 3 at Napier Port’s container terminal will be closed from this coming Monday, 27 August 2018.

Loading Zone 1 will now be the main loading zone for container deliveries, which will help streamline operations. The only exception is the 10 ft containers that are occasionally delivered for rail. Transport operators delivering these containers should still unload at Loading Zone 3 (see bottom right of map).

For all other container deliveries, please enter Napier Port container terminal as usual via the Western Gate. Once you have unloaded your container at Loading Zone 1, please follow the route marked by the yellow arrows below. Please proceed to the Twistlock Station, and then exit via the Western Gate.

Please note that container trucks will no longer be permitted to exit via Security at the Marine Parade end of the port, unless booked in the Late Zone.