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Napier Port safety standards for logging industry port users

Napier Port’s log yard is busier than ever, as high volumes of logs cross our wharves for export. Keeping everyone safe on port is our top priority, and we need to work together to make that happen.

Below are Napier Port’s safety standards, which we expect all logging truck drivers and marshallers to follow. These rules are in place to keep you safe and to prevent you from putting others at risk. Anyone who fails to follow these rules may be denied access to Napier Port. If you are a logging industry port user, we encourage you to read this in full and share it widely.

Key information from our induction

Anyone accessing Napier Port must complete our health and safety induction. This induction clearly states that:

  • No dogs are allowed on port – no exceptions.
  • High-vis gear and safety footwear must be worn at all times on port.
  • Headlights and amber beacons must be on at all times when you are inside the port gates.
  • The speed limit on all roadways within the port is 20km/h.
  • Exceeding the speed limit may result in port access being denied.
  • Treat shared facilities with respect – others use them too.

Unchaining safety standards

There are unchaining areas adjacent to each log storage area, which are marked out in blue on the map below. These are our safety standards:

  • Unchaining must take place in the dedicated areas only (marked in blue).
  • Drivers are only allowed out of their vehicle in unchaining areas (to complete the unchaining).
  • Hard hats must be worn at all times while unchaining (along with high-vis and safety footwear).
  • During the time that drivers are out of their vehicle, they must remain visible to all other operators/machines in the area.
  • Chains must not be thrown, under any circumstances. Drivers should unhook the chains on one side, then go around to the other side of the vehicle to pull the chains down.

Log storage yard

  • Areas marked in Green are ISO
  • Areas marked in Yellow are C3
  • Common User Area is marked in Red
  • Unchaining areas are marked in Blue
  • Bolster drop areas are marked in Pink (one opposite Mooring and one at the toilet block at 4 Wharf)

Traffic management reminder

  • When exiting the DG Glenn trailer lifting operation, log trucks must not turn right. Please turn left and follow the road back through Ahuriri.
  • The Western Gate is reserved for vehicles entering the Container Terminal or Napier Port office buildings. It must not be used to make U-turns, under any circumstances.
  • No U-turns on the workshop forecourt either.

Thank you to our logging industry partners, for your efforts to uphold our safety standards. If you have any questions, please contact our General Cargo team: