Napier Port’s shares commence trading on the NZX

20 August 2019

Napier Port (NZX.NPH) today marked the successful completion of its $234 million initial public offer (IPO) with a listing ceremony at the Port’s Breakwater Road site in Napier.

After ringing the bell to welcome in trading of the Port’s shares on the NZX under the ticker ‘NPH’ this morning, Chairman Alasdair MacLeod said the success of the IPO would allow investment in the infrastructure necessary for the Port to extend its 150-year record of supporting economic growth in the region.

“Today is the culmination of a 5-year journey that has seen the Port, Hawke’s Bay Regional Council and the broader community working in close partnership towards a shared goal,” Mr MacLeod said.

“Thanks to the IPO, Napier Port can continue to invest in improving capacity. That includes the development of the multi-purpose 6 Wharf on the north side of the existing container terminal which will allow the Port to support regional growth for the long term.

“Meanwhile, the Regional Council has reduced its financial exposure to Port growth and gained the capital for investment in the broader needs of the region, including the environmental protections that support Hawke’s Bay’s prosperity and make it such a great place to live and work.

“The strong demand we’ve seen for a share in Napier Port from our own people, iwi, our community and from investors further afield demonstrates the broad support for our plans and the confidence all stakeholders have in the Port. It also helps cement the partnership between the port and our region.”

Port employees, residents, non-resident ratepayers and iwi, which were granted priority entitlements in the IPO were allocated 20% of the shares on offer. Close to 90% of the 7,591 applicants in the priority offer received their application in full, with only those who requested over $10,000 of shares having their applications scaled.

Of the eligible Port employees, 97% took up the priority offer. Four of the eligible iwi groups participated, receiving a priority allocation. On listing, Napier Port is approximately 90% New Zealand owned[1].

“On behalf of Napier Port Board, I thank the Port management and the broader team for the support and dedication they have shown through what has been a demanding process. We also thank the community for getting in behind this significant regional asset,” Mr MacLeod said.

“Finally, I would like to welcome, and thank, the new investors in the Port for their support. It is now incumbent on us to deliver on our part of the bargain and I can assure you that we are intensely focussed on achieving that goal.”

At the ceremony Chief Executive Todd Dawson said he was delighted with the broad support for the IPO and the Port’s longer-term investment plans.

“Napier Port thrives when the region thrives. It is for this reason that we have a strategic purpose of building a thriving region by connecting our customers and community to the world.

“By providing a cost-effective gateway to international markets for the region’s importers and exporters we help them achieve their aspirations for growth. Their success, and ours, has a multiplier effect – driving employment and prosperity across the region.

“Our new wharf will become a vital part of the networked infrastructure we manage; easing congestion, allowing us to host the larger container and cruise ships that are already visiting, extending our container capacity and giving us new options to manage diverse cargos.

“Combined with the Port’s culture – which encourages care for our customers, our people, the community and the environment – and our determination to deliver innovative solutions for our customers, we are well-placed to achieve our aspirations.


[1] Including Hawke’s Bay Regional Council, Priority Offer, Broker Firm Offer and NZ-based institutions

Notes to editors

In the IPO Napier Port offered 90 million shares, representing a 45% stake in the company. All shares in the IPO were issued at the final price of $2.60 per share, raising $234 million for the Port and its former 100% shareholder Hawke’s Bay Regional Council.

Of the capital raised, $110.2 million is to be used to repay the Port’s existing debt and provide cash and undrawn debt facilities sufficient to meet the Port’s future capital requirements, including the construction of a new multi-purpose wharf, 6 Wharf.

A further $107.9 million of the capital raised in the IPO has enabled the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council, to realise a portion of its investment in the Port. The remainder has been used to fund interest-free limited recourse loans to Eligible Port Employees to buy shares in the Port and to meet the costs associated with the IPO.

The Port this morning also launched an investor centre on its website, where investors can catch up on the latest investor news, access port documents and information and track the company’s share price. The Investor Centre is at

About Napier Port

Napier Port is New Zealand’s fourth largest port by container volume. We are the main gateway for Hawke’s Bay exports and operate a long-term regional infrastructure asset that supports the regional economy. Our strategic purpose is to collaborate with the people and organisations that have a stake in helping our region grow.

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