Online health and safety inductions launched

We’re pleased to announce that from Thursday 10 May 2018, all Napier Port health and safety inductions will take place online.

What has changed?
Previously, you would have completed your health and safety induction in person, and received a Napier Port ID card as proof. If your Napier Port ID card is still valid (check the expiry date), then you don’t need to do anything. Your induction is up-to-date and you can still access the port with your Napier Port ID card.

But if you are a new port user, or your Napier Port ID card is about to expire, you will need to complete our new online induction. We are not currently issuing any new Port ID cards, because we are developing a new port access system. Once you have completed your induction, you’ll need to download or print your induction certificate and present this at your Napier Port gate, alongside valid photo ID. You will then receive an interim induction card (see photo below).

Napier Port Health and Safety Induction

Access requirements
Under New Zealand regulations, everyone on port must be able to provide a valid photo ID to port security. Acceptable forms of ID are:

New port users
Present your driver’s licence or 18+ card and new induction card.

Current port users who complete re-induction
Present your Napier Port ID, driver’s licence or 18+ card and new induction card.

Existing port users
Present your current Napier Port ID. If your induction is up-to-date, you don’t need to do anything. Your Port ID card still serves as proof of induction and valid photo ID.

Any questions?
If you have any questions about our health and safety induction process, please call our automated safety line on +64 (6) 833 4340 and leave a message. Or email