Reminder – Seven day container receival window starts on Monday 15 February

We are actively working to ensure the flow of your cargo through Napier Port during busy times, particularly during our traditional export peak season. As per our previous communication in January (please find it here), we have introduced a seven day container receival window. From 6:00am this Monday 15 February, we will only accept containers seven calendar days out from the arrival of the vessel on which that container is booked and confirmed.

Changes to Napier Port’s CAP Export Pre-advice System
We have updated our CAP Pre-advice System in line with the new receival window. Now when pre-advising an export container, if the vessel is more than seven days away, a warning message will be displayed. Note this is a warning only, the pre-advice will still be accepted.

Changes to Napier Port’s Propel Vehicle Booking System
We have updated our Propel VBS in line with the new receival window. Now when booking a Drop Off, if the container number is input into Propel VBS and the vessel is more than seven days away a Drop Off export appointment cannot be made. The below error message will be displayed and you will need to make a new booking when the seven day receival window opens.


To assist with the VBS booking process, we’re also adding an Export Receival Open column to the Napier Port Shipping Schedule available here. This information will let you review the container receival time for each vessel and see when the seven day window is open. Please note, these times will be subject to change as per the normal shipping schedule changes.If you have any technical questions about making a Propel VBS booking, please contact Napier Port’s Western Gate Team –

If you have any questions about the new policy, please contact Napier Port’s Commercial team – Andrew Palairet on or Dominic Sutherland on

Nga mihi,

Chris Wylie
Container Terminal Manager