6 Wharf Project Update: Piling Scheduled to Start Week Beginning 16 March

The 6 Wharf construction site has been a hive of activity since work started and HEB Construction are on track to start piling next week (week beginning 16 March 2020). Find out where we are at and what’s coming up over the next four weeks as we build 6 Wharf:

1. Piling planned for week beginning 16 March 2020
HEB Construction are on track to start piling. The wharf will be supported by nearly 400 concrete piles that will be driven up to 35 metres into the underlying sandstone rock.

Piling will occur intermittently from Monday through to Saturday from 0730 until 1800 over the next year and a half (until the second half of 2021). The greatest construction noise from the development comes from driving in the wharf piles but the predicted noise levels will meet the daytime construction noise limits.

We’ll be managing construction noise through hours of work and a number of other noise mitigation strategies. This includes using a vibro hammer wherever possible to reduce the impact. More information about how we are managing land-based construction noise is available in our construction noise management plan.

Monitoring and complaints: We’ll also be monitoring our noise levels and have a noise complaints procedure in place. If you think we’re breaching our noise limits or if you are experiencing an issue you can either fill in our online form here or give us a call on 06 833 4440.

2. Marine mammal observation training complete 
We’re mindful the impact piling can have on underwater marine mammals. Fortunately sightings of marine mammals within a 2,250-metre radius of where the wharf is being built are low. However, we will have designated and trained observers monitoring for marine mammals throughout piling and the upcoming dredging works. The team will be responsible for ensuring that we follow our marine mammal protection procedures, which include stopping piling if marine mammals come within 580 metres of the activity. You can find out more in our Marine Wildlife Management Plan.

Pictured above: This month workers from Napier Port and HEB Construction along with mana whenua completed a marine mammal observation course to become trained spotters.  

3. Revetment dismantling, sheet piling and penguin relocations continue 
HEB Construction are continuing to dismantle the revetment wall and install steel sheet piles along a 200m section of the wharf area. At Napier Port, we like to minimise waste where we can, so we’ve been reusing the concrete from the revetment wall as an aggregate base for sheet piling.

The other 200m of wharf area will be handed over to HEB Construction towards the middle of the year so dismantling and sheet piling can begin. Penguin spotting in the revetment wall and relocation to the sanctuary continues at the same time as we clear the area to build the wharf.

Pictured above: Sheet piling continues

4. Meet our team: Maria Chalmers, 6 Wharf Communications Advisor
Throughout the project we’re committed to keeping our communities informed. Maria Chalmers joined the 6 Wharf team last year to support engagement and communication for the project, both with the port team and beyond the gates.

Tell us about your role with the 6 Wharf team
I work with the project team, the port’s communication team and other key partners in the project, such as mana whenua and HEB, to keep our stakeholders informed. We also need the mechanisms in place to listen and respond to feedback so my role is also about fostering and supporting that too. Examples of the work I do on a day-to-day basis includes providing updates to stakeholders, developing and updating our 6 Wharf website, and responding to enquiries.

What led you to Napier Port?
I’ve been in communications for over 15 years across a range of sectors, both in-house and for consultancies. This is my second time with Napier Port. I was here about five years ago when 6 Wharf was in the planning stages. It’s rewarding to come back when it’s all happening and see that the early efforts to engage have resulted in tangible changes to the project.

What do you like about working at the port?
Since moving to Hawke’s Bay in 2012, my focus has largely been on infrastructure. I enjoy it because to me its about supporting communities. You can see how important good infrastructure is to support every day lives, the opportunities it can create for a region and how it can reshape the way we live. It’s also an industry that has lots of interesting challenges and opportunities as we search for cleaner and smarter ways to do things.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
Spend time with my husband, children Baxter (8), Evie (6) and stepson Ollie (14), preferably on holiday somewhere warm. I also like to socialise with my extended family and friends. I am equally quite fond of switching off completely and getting out in the Hawke’s Bay sunshine either for a run, to read a book, or grab a coffee.

If you have a question about the 6 Wharf project or something you’d like to learn more about, please drop us a line at And don’t forget our 6 Wharf website, which has information about the project including the construction timetable as well as frequently asked questions.

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