6 Wharf Project Update: The Albatros Arrives

The Albatros trailer suction dredge (pictured above and below) arrived at Napier Port today to remove around 30,000m3 of sediment from the shipping channel as the port builds 6 Wharf.

Some of this 30,000m3 of material may be able to help re-nourish Westshore Beach.

The Albatros will be here for around two weeks. It is more efficient than the GPK, which we are also using, at dredging in areas where the layer of sediment we need to dredge is thinner.

Napier Port will determine the suitability of the sediment as it is dredged by taking samples and measuring the load density.

If the material is sand-like it will be taken to the Westshore disposal site as agreed with the Westshore community and Napier City Council. If it is unsuitable we will take it to the stage one disposal site.

We will continue to monitor turbidity (water clarity) in real-time using our environmental dashboard to make sure there are no adverse effects with disposal, paying particular attention to ensuring we don’t harm Pania Reef.

You may see the Albatros at work in the next couple of weeks. It is planning to work 12 hours a day, 7 days a week.

48 piles of 400 complete
We’re continuing to make good progress with piling and are on track to finish piling for the wharf deck at the end of next year. HEB Construction are using vibro methods wherever they can (as opposed to hammer) to reduce piling noise as much as possible. There’s been a handful of occasions where we’ve had to use an impact hammer to secure the pile – we thank our neighbours for their patience during these noisier times.

6 Wharf: Providing employment opportunities in the Bay
Napier Port’s driving purpose is to build a thriving region by connecting our customers to the world. And what better way to help our region thrive than by providing work for our local community?

Here’s a breakdown of how the 6 Wharf project is helping to provide employment in our region:

  • HEB Construction have hired 31 local staff, a number of which have not worked on large construction projects before. The project provides these people with on-site training and supervision in jobs such as piling, ground improvement work, heavy fabrication, specialist carpentry, concrete works, rigging and machinery operation.
  • Currently there are over 20 local welding staff with six of those on-site full time.
  • The project requires over 9,000 truckloads of concrete, all of which are from a local supplier using local truck operators.
  • Heron Construction and Dredging, the sub-contractor undertaking dredging, have employed several locals.
  • Moving forward, there will also be significant numbers of local people employed in items such as pavement, drainage and utilities infrastructure.

Meet our team: Christina Holtzhausen – 6 Wharf Contracts Administrator
Christina joined the 6 Wharf project team from Napier Port’s finance team. She keeps on top of the expenses for the project as we work to deliver 6 Wharf on budget and on time – by the end of 2022.

1. What’s the most interesting part of the project?

Building 6 Wharf is a landmark project and I feel privileged to be a part of it. I enjoy the people I work with and it’s encouraging to see the passion and drive everyone has. I also like the variety this job brings; no two days are the same.

2. And the most challenging?

Definitely familiarising myself with the construction industry, learning the language and getting to know the project.

3. How long have you lived in the Bay and what do you enjoy most about our region?

I’ve been in the Bay for 11 years since I emigrated from South Africa in 2009. I chose Hawke’s Bay for the climate and selection of fine wineries! Now I am here, I spend a lot of my spare time getting outdoors – going for walks, bike rides or spending the day at the beach.

Above: Christina Holtzhausen, 6 Wharf Contracts Administrator

Left to right: The GPK is undertaking most of the dredging work for the project; the Albatross is here for the next two weeks undertaking a small portion of the dredging.

If you have a question about the 6 Wharf project or something you’d like to learn more about, please drop us a line at 6wharf@napierport.co.nz.